New to the world of motorized bicycles!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Soundplot, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Soundplot

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    Hia all, Recently someone ran into my car while it was parked outside a friends house and totally destroyed it. While looking for new and more efficient ways to travel I came across motorized bicycles. Doing some simple math I decided that a motorized bike was the perfect thing to bridge the gap until I get back into a cage. I just got my first motorized bike and am loving it. I love to build and tinker so this is a perfect new toy, errand runner and work commuter. I have been reading a lot here and learned a ton! Thanks for all the advice and info! :helmet:

  2. Dave C

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    heheheh, the more you ride it the more reasons you will come up with for not having a cage:grin5:
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Good for you!

    You'll like your bike (sounds like you already do) and you'll like it here.
  4. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry you had your cage totalled. We're glad you weren't in it at the time.
  5. Soundplot

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    Thanks for the worm welcomes. I did have a few questions and have been unable to locate their answers here on the forum or start a new thread due to being so new in the community. Maybe if someone could point me in the right directions.

    1. My bike frame is too large to allow the gas tank to fit behind the handle bars. I currently have it mounted on a rack behind the seat but I would rather use that rack for carrying stuff. I was wondering on different options or mounting ideas people might have for the gas tank.

    2. I had some questions about idle. currently my bike doesn't idle when its not moving. Its not too much of a problem right now because I am going to be moving very soon from TX to Colorado. I know that I will have to change the idle when I get to the higher climate no matter what. But I was looking for a general guide for setting up the idle in different altitudes or climates for (general) best results.

    Any info would be awesome! Thanks!
  6. wbuttry

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    sound plot hello ans welcome the answer to both of your questions is very easy to answer the fuel tank can be mounted any where on the bike as long as it is higher than the carb as you see it is gravity fed fuel system lot of people hang a jug on the handlebars or a extra bicycle rack on the front of the bike what type of bike do you have you might half to do adjusting but i bet you can make it fit behind handle bars by the seat and the idle there is a fuel valve beside the primer turn that screw with your finger to the rite it will need to go in quite a bit but once you get closer you will tell a difference it will idle though most of them do
  7. Soundplot

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    Yeah, I currently have my gas tank mounted on the back rack of my bike and it seems to be a good option for now because I have heard that the police don't really like mb's around here so from a distance I don't look out of the ordinary (its a college town so there are a lot of bikes in general). I messed around with the idle and its doing a lot better! Thanks for the info!