New to this forum - from asian country.

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  1. Hmm, i pedal my bicycle for couple of kilometers. (close to 18km+18km a day)

    Now more curious in learning how i can make it motor assisted. i tried the same with a small dc motor, but it didnt work well, one of my friend suggested the torque should be much more than what it shud be now.

    so in a process of learning on designing and looking for low cost dc motors as well.

    will post the images soon to this forum, so that someone out there can help me in identifying where i am doing mistake.

    btw, its awesome forum, i missed it, when i started my conversion.

    thanks admin.

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    Welcome to the forum. I was fortunate enough to see a bit of Asia when I was in the Marines. I'd love to go back.
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    Yeah, I was in Southeast Asia in 1967-68-69.

    Going electric, yes?
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    Nicole, from your e-mail address I assume you are in India. May I ask what city?

    Sounds like you are intent on going with an electric assist option. For your projected usage/day that is quite doable, in terms of range. One concern is definitely how much hilly terrain riding you need to do - the more hills, the shorter your effective range is going to be with an e-bike.

    I know from experience that small mopeds are everywhere on Indian streets/roads, and there is an enormous range of experimentation by people there in terms of transportation - when last I was there (Deradhun area) I saw a lot of bike conversions with small engines. Going electric in that market area is not the cheapest choice, by far.
  5. thanks for the responses mates


    "going with an electric assist option", yes thinking of going it with electric option, carefully trying to avoid battery.

    currently i live in Bangalore, on my way to work, there are slight elevation for couple kilometers, but its pedalable. not like hill range elevations.
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    Hello there :) if your going electric you HAVE to have a battery unless your going to tow a generator:whistling:

    Search the local internet. I'll bet you find manufactures of motorized bike engines in India and I doubt they use Chinese motors...but, then again :p With the Indian population and low general income a motorized bike should be an option from in-country sources.

    Even if you have to buy import buy Italian ;)