New to this forum -maybe buying 2 bikes

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by nucuda, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Hello - I am thinking of purchasing 2 motorized bikes . Owner says brand is Triumph and I will try to attach a picture . Can get 2 running bikes for $100. Seems good price and a nice winter project to fix up. If I get pictured attached maybe someone on forum can give me info on these bikes .Tks ahead for your time triumph.jpg

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    Well, that's not a true Triumph. But it doesn't matter very much since he's not asking the price that some classic Triumph would command.

    That engine is a very basic 2 cycle. They're often known as a 'happy time' or 'china girl' engine. Made at nameless facilities in China, they're a descendant of an old Soviet engine engineered after World War 2 in order to get their people up and moving while rebuilding that society.

    They're not very high quality. They're not very precise. But the good news is that they can be highly loveable. Something like an ugly, but loyal, dog.

    Many of us found the first couple of bikes we built with those engines to be highly frustrating. And we wondered if it was worth it. But the there came the day when we, almost suddenly, understood. Some sort of rapport was established with our bikes. And it's mostly smooth sailing after that.

    Mine is the most excellent little work commuter that I've ever had and life is good.

    So, have fun and best of luck.
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    Welcome nucuda,
    You can learn a lot about motorized bikes from here.

    If they both run for $50 each, might be worth it, if just for running examples and spare parts.

    Whether or not there is enough there to make a good MB for less than just building an all new one remains to be seen.

    Depending on how it was built and operated you might just be buying used sandpaper.

    In short, worn out.

    Those bikes have had engines on them and not well taken care of by the look in the pic, but it certainly could be a great winter project stripping out the engines and rebuilding the bikes.

    The engines are a different story.
    It is usually better and cheaper to just buy a new engine than parts to completely rebuild a really wore out one, but if you want to know how a typical 2-stroke goes together this is a pretty good video animation.


    As a beginner with time to kill I'd say it worth it to get your MB your feet wet.

    Should you decide to go with the new bike to build on, I urge you not go with a Huffy Cranbrook despite where you live ;-}

    Good luck!