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    Hi all, name is ken. Im new to this specific forum, but not the mb community. I'm an active motor bike rider, I've done several home brew mbs that I've sold. Finally decided to buy another chinagirl kit. Got the frame style i wanted. Kinda frankenrat style. Ill be sure to post up some pictures as soon as I'm allowed.

    And some more details and pictures of things I've done to many builds to make them safer and more reliable. Products I've tested and know to be mb functional and reliable.

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    KIMG0279.jpg KIMG0378.jpg FB_IMG_1415920928812.jpg
    Have some newer forks going on soon as i get the chance. Single spring forks.
    Mb is a 66cc pk80 equivalent from
    41t rear sprocket on a 26" double wall aluminum rim, with a sealed bearing hub
    Mild port clearing
    24" rim up front
    16" rise apes on a 4" extension gooseneck
    Schwinn padded spring seat
    6v mini gen max hooked inline to a step up converter. Leds in taillight, and 1watt 90 lumen spotlights up front.
    Speed carb with a 68 jet , one notch from the top.
    Trimmed airbox for frame fit.
    415 moped chain from treatland
    Custom headlight bracket being installed with the new front forks.