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  1. Addum

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    Hi All,
    A little about myself first, I've worked as an auto mechanic in the past and have built a few Hot Rods in my wild and crazy youth so I know how to turn a wrench but I know less than nothing about these little 2 stroke motors. I did race a little motocross as a kid ( Yamaha YZ 125 and a YZ 250) So I understand 2 strokes and how they differ from 4 strokes.
    Now I find myself older and with vision problems and can't pass a driver's exam due to bad eyesight. To get around now I ride a motobecane 21 speed bike. I keep it slow and NEVER rush and I see well enough to ride safely. I saw the 49cc motor kit online and thought "That would be great for trips to the food store and errands!" Taken slowly!
    The problem with the pedal bike is I have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer and can not continue to pedal everywhere.
    My question is,, I'm looking at the 49cc Flying Horse angle head kit from Bikeberry, (49cc due to TX laws, Motors have to be 50cc or less.)
    I am not able to work for awhile ,(Cancer drugs suck!) And am on a VERY tight budget! Is this kit a good one for the money? Any and all suggestions VERY welcome as to a better kit
    Thank you all for sticking with me through this long post, ( I promise shorter ones in the future. I look forward to meeting all of you individually! Addum

  2. professor

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    Hi Addum, welcome to Motoredbikes.
    I am praying for your recovery.
    I don't have a 2 stroke kit, but I recall reading that the guys like the flying horse engines.
    I am sure some of the members will chime in on this so hang around.
  3. jaguar

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    You can get the 80cc engine just as well because it isnt marked. You have to be mentally prepared to lie to a cop though about its size.

    concerning your cancer:
    Chemotherapy is equally toxic to all your normal cells as well as the cancerous ones, and it is especially damaging to your immune system which is the only thing that can remove the cancerous cells from your body. You probably have cancer because your immune system is weak anyway, and now you want to injure it more? You need to strengthen the immunity, not weaken it. In 1987 Dr. Lana Levi, of the University of California wrote, "Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy... It does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancer. This fact has been know for over a decade.. Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemotherapy than without it.
    You can message me if you want info on alternative therapies available.
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  4. Addum

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    I have a couple of reasons why I can't use an 80CC, first on the list is Mrs.Addum. She has told me if I "get in trouble" on this thing I just may as well not come home,,,LOL!
    Besides, I have heard that the bigger motor ( If you can use big in referring to these little motors) can cause frame twisting and back wheel warping as well as other problems due to the higher torque, Beside, I don't see well and I really don't care to go 50 or 60 MPH. I want reliability
    As far as my treatment. The first thing I have to say is Thank You!! For the info on my problem and more so for your concern!!!
    To explain, I am a US Army Vet. No other insurance. All I have is my VA benefits and according to Uncle Sam, chemo is the only accepted treatment for this form of cancer so it's a case of "Play this game our way or we will take our ball and go!" But I would like any info on other treatments so I have ammo against the VA Drs. Again,, Thank You!!!
  5. jaguar

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    Free is unimportant if it is counter-productive.

    80cc is not strong enough to do damage or go 50mph (without much modification).
    You will be so dissappointed with a 48cc if you have any inclined streets.
  6. Fyre Koiss

    Fyre Koiss New Member

    Jaguar is right. I personally bought the exact motor you are talking about from Bikeberry and put it on my Huffy Cranbrook. A friend got the 66/80cc and side by side we see little speed difference (Of course I am a tad lighter then him so that might be why?). The only difference we really noted was on hills he tended to keep speed better then me. However (and this was why I stuck with the 49) there is only one hill in the area that is steep enough to be an issue, and it's in a bad area that I never go. Honestly though, I still made it up the hill without a need to petal... if it had been much steeper though I probably wouldn't have.

    As for the 49 cc engine, it's a really nice cheap engine. Go on and spend the money on the carb upgrade as the stock one was garbage and I ended up having to replace it anyways within the first month. It's far from the greatest engine out there... but it got me back and forth to work while the weather was still nice (about a 20 mile ride each way). Haven't properly clocked my speeds yet, but initial runs with my GPS showed about 35mph and my initial math after break in of the engine showed me at just over 100 mpg. The install was simple, but the instructions they gave left much to be desired. You having mechanic skills, I would figure it should be no problem.

    The one thing I will note is that you really NEED TO SEAL where the wires come out for the CDI. Even in the dry days I was riding it, somehow water STILL got in and destroyed my Magneto coil. Oh and don't waste money on the black painted engine. It is the crappiest paint job ever, and the paint practically falls off. Go with the standard chrome and save yourself a few bucks.

    The gear mount for the wheel hasn't given me issue, but man it was a real pain to get it lined up right. Wish I had dropped a few bucks on that special mount they offer, but now that it's trued the stock works fine. The stock chain tensioner is garbage as well, but most people don't use them anyhow. On the Cranbrook I had to or the chain would rub the frame, so I ended up getting a spring tensioner and was much happier. It made the engine a bit noiser, but I'm not complaining. All in all I was more then happy with the purchase, just found some of the stock stuff to be a pain. Even after replacing everything I did, it was still a good deal.
  7. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    OP with all the issues you have I'd get a GEBE kit, or a friction drive, or an axle mount kit. Your in S. Texas so weather isn't a problem. With those kits you have dependability and less worries. It takes a lot of time and parts to get an HT kit up to snuff and maybe now isn't the time for that..................good luck!
  8. Fyre Koiss

    Fyre Koiss New Member

    While Darwin is correct... I would warn that the GEBE kits can be pretty pricey. However they are well worth the money for their reliability and all around good performance. The HT kits will still work good, but you have to work at it more. I find myself tinkering with mine quite a bit and I NEVER go too far from home without a tool kit and spare parts. With a GEBE kit you won't find that as much of a necessity (though still recommended).

    I got my HT setup in around two days, and before this I had never worked on any form of gas engine. Ever. I'm a tech headed computer guy, so all my work is with electronics... for example I am currently devising a small on board computer for my bike using a Beagle Board Black. I plan to use it to monitor RPM's, Speed, Gas level and MPG, and maybe even a radio for a start. I haven't mounted it yet, but that's because I'm waiting on my Brother to write some code up for me. I have it hooked up to a 5 inch touch screen right now, all that I'm waiting on is a GUI to use all the stuff with.

    But I'm getting off topic, the point is you should be able to get any motor you purchase up and running within a few days. The problem will be keeping the HT running without switching out stock crap.
  9. Fabian

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    What you have heard is nothing but bad information as the 80cc engine has a low level of power that could never twist a bicycle frame, even if you were to tow 6 bicycle trailers loaded up with firewood,


    they most definitely "do not" go 50 miles an hour, even if wind assisted. The only way they will go 60 miles an hour is if you throw the bike out of an aeroplane or off the side of a decent cliff face.

    I wish you God speed in your recovery.