New to this site...Hi, My name is Dan

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    Here is the meat and potatoes...My brother gave me a black whizzer in near new condition. I don't how to determine the engine size or manufacturer and the same applies to the carb. I can get it started however unable to generate any rpm... I believe it has the 26mm carb...(It has the little black plastic lever that is linked to the choke)... I have run out of steam peddling so I finneggled an electric motor loosely connected to the flywheel pully that tensions when bike tilted aft while on the kickstand.
    It's getting good spark however proper fuel/air regulation is not happening. I have just thown myself into this thing and really could use your suggestions, recomendations, advice or even a cohesion lecture for lack of cohesiveness. Care to speculate? Thanks. Dan

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    Hello Dan,

    Welcome aboard. I can't give you any kind of answer; I'm not that knowledgeable.

    But there are people here who will be able to give you answers and they'll follow.
    Probably soon.

    Good luck.
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    the Whizzer One's should be finding you soon
    you may wish to start in the Whizzer threads

    as they say -- get that thing up and running -- and ride that thing