New. Trying to get ideas!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Pofke13LT, Mar 26, 2007.

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What should I build

  1. Tricycle

  2. Chopper

  3. Ratrod

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  4. go Kart

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  5. forget it and just stick to a normal/basic bike design

  1. Pofke13LT

    Pofke13LT Guest

    Hey guys. So I ordered an 80cc chinese motor on ebay and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Me and my cousin's plans were to either build a chopper style bike or a tricycle... Now we are sort of leaning towards trycicle.. But we want it as low to the ground as possible.. Some things we mentioned would be cool to add were a car seat and maybe an old 1960's vw beetle steering wheel from the junk yard.

    Any ideas, insights, or pictures to help the creative process?

  2. mark2yahu

    mark2yahu Member

    Tricycle and as low as possible. The steering wheel: welded chain links, not the vw steering wheel.