New UK supplier. Brand new website. Fully fitted Engines on Bikes

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by milegajo, Jun 12, 2008.

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    Hi guys,

    Have just finished this website for a friends business. He's been fighting modernisation but i convinced him!(for a fee...)
    Can i ask a HUGE favour and get some expert opinions here?

    Website is

    thanks Guys

    All the best

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Nice, clean layout. Good neutral background, with a left column that is actually readable. Nice job.

    Now, ask your friend when he is going to build bikes for adults.
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    Many thanks indeed for that feedback. He does do them for adults but i may have messed up the specs......i'll double check the pics and descriptions
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    300 quid for bike with engine :shock:.
    You can have Kit for Ł100 from china and done bike by yourself for Ł200 easily.

    Why you don't sell 4 stroke gearboxes + Honda engines instead of sell cheap not reliable 2 stroke?

    You took of course that video: - that's in china - better show us how work yours bike:p
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    Good to see another UK vendor finally, somewhere cheaper than transformer cycles. Still though, me and you both know that the bikes are very illegal! But that still doesnt stop me and everybody else. Also one other thing I see you've copied and pasted that FAQ bit off of the transformer cycels websites, I would personalize it a little bit if I was you. A guy in America just set up the same business as you and copied and pasted a load of info from another vendor and he got into a lot of trouble! Just helping you out.

    Also there is no UK vendors selling parts at reasonable prices, the only place you can get them is imported from china off of Yong Xing Machine Zone (where that video was from) or from America. The UK parts market is dominated by Transformer cycles who charge absolutely ridiculous prices for parts! He's charging 10 quid just for the clutch lever arm! Another example is the cheap plastic throttle and kill switch for 23 quid, I paid £1.99 for a better one on eBay. So if you could use a few kits to be broken up for spares and sell them at reasonable prices, even half the price of transformer cycles, you would still be making a profit on the kit itself, minus labour and heavy shipping charges. Just a thought, if I was you get in there!

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    Thanks Fatboy

    That FAQ is going ASAP just need to draw one up. Would rather "borrow" that one as its good stuff that we adhere to. Thanks alot for the support.
    As far as legality goes in the uk, from what i've read its the 60cc+ bikes that are illegal but im hoping to get something concrete from a lawyer buddy who deals with motoring law. You're absolutely right about the current cost of kits/parts etc in the UK. I think now people recognise that oil prices are RIDICULOUS they can see us looking for alternatives. Its a shame most are so greedy, but **** i guess they see it as business not service.
    You're right again, even at our lower prices i will admit there is room profit, and hopefully even lower cost=price if we can negotiate for larger quantities if the website kicks off.
    Thanks alot all of you for the comments keep em coming, and hopefully with your help we can build a good website that can enable more UK members to join this forum!
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    Oh firstly apologies for the typo above i mis-read you name as "fatboy" lol very very sorry.

    The UK government are disgusting. From what i read on those threads about your run ins i dont blame you for being cautious around the police.

    What a shame our government has such little vision, but then again, why should they allow us to save on petrol? the tax is so high the chancellor would be screwed. I think the best way to combat this is to help as many people own these bikes until the numbers are too high to ignore. Oil Prices and the ensuing protest can only help us. Might take my bike on one of these protests, get a little attention for us.
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    Hi guys found this article on wikipedia, now i know wikipedia isn't a reliable source, for me this is a glimmer of hope that needs looking into.

    "While generally not known[citation needed] it is possible to register a Cyclemotor or motorized bike for legal use on the UK's roads.[citation needed] If the machine is from a known manufacturer such as Rudge or Francis-Barnett this is a fairly simple procedure.[citation needed] It becomes much more complicated if this is not the case with current law requiring an SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) test for each individual machine"
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    i cant believe why this is such a grey area in uk law
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    Honesty I met few policeman around and nothing happened - If you are not chav with crappy bike and you not ride more than 30 mph nothing will happened. You just have to keep it on side - not ride when are cops around - for example I don't ride when is rugby match because there is plenty pigs around sniffing and asking about everything. I always turn off engine when they are close and they don't bother.
    But I have to say I don't see to many mini motos etc things around now - because they are illegal and easy spotted.
    There is no exactly law about engine helping devices(?) and our bikes are not mopeds as well.
    Law is dead in this point.
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    i think you make a good point. it sounds like due to it being such an unclear standpoint they can only stop and question if it looks like you're being a danger.
  14. loquin

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    From a website effectiveness viewpoint, it would be more effective to show the finished product - i.e. a completed bike, with motor installed, rather than a bike and a pile of parts. Unless, that is how you're shipping them. (Even so, it would still be advantageous to show a completed model.)
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    I agree, we're actually working on that as the photos of the seperate products are more professional looking and aestheticly pleasing than the finished article in a grubby workshop... thanks for that point though, its good to hear the opinions you guys have, after all 99% of you have either bought or are looking to buy this product.