New user, I ordered a staton Honda 50 inside drive

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bob the boatbuilder, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Hello, I'm Bob. I am new at posting threads and will be using a iPhone most of the time while I am in this site.

    The bridge I have been commuting over has just posted no moped signs and the police have been giving out $65 tickets. Through no avail the DOT does not want to remove the decision to enforce this. I am forced to park my Tomos legal moped and have decided that I can pedal over the uphill section and coast my bike down until off the sidewalk, then restart the engine.

    This will be my first attempt at a motorized bicycle. Being a heavy rider and not wanting to mix gas I chose the Honda 50. My donor bike is my full suspension GT, that has proven to be rugged, durable, and comfortable.

    I wish to be a dealer for Staton, but need to test the product before investing any money or time. I had a horrible experience with buying three Chinese gopeds and do not want to make another mistake.

    I will be researching a electric generator and battery system as I ordered a pro shaft that could power a small generator. I will need to research a voltage regulator and other "stuff".

    Sorry for being so lengthy, but now you know why I joined.

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    Hi Bob, welcome to Motoredbikes!