New user with 50cc to install on Micargi GTS

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    New user in Venice Beach, CA. I have a Micargi GTS in red. I absolutely love my cruiser and take it down to the beach all the time. I just rec'd a 50cc two stroke from Santa for my Stretched Micargi GTS cruiser. Can't wait to mount it and cruise along the beach on the 28 mile bike bath!

    I have an extra chain for the distance needed but I need help.

    I just pulled all the parts out of the box but can't imagine how or where to place the engine to clear the sprocket and chain guard. There is a picture on zone8cycling with a bike just like mine except mine is red. I like how the engine is in the middle. Most of the other stretched cruisers have them mounted in the front. I need to see some close up pics with details on how to clear all the parts and the best placement to not get caught up in the chains.

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    Hi NYNEOMITE welcome to MBc.

    Dont take my view as the bible and hopefully others will chime in. I dont have your stretch, but I have the micargi in the crusier model.

    Looking at the photo on zone8cycling it looks like they faked the motor kit into the photo.
    There isnt a front mount, it looks like the chain is on the wrong side of the rear tire, the coil wires go off to nowhere, and the pedal sprocket chain
    goes off to nothing that makes sence to me.

    Without actually seeing it in person the top-rear frame has a tricky droop that may interfear with the chain. (see my frame compared to yours)

    Yes, you need someone to "chime in" that has done this style. Im not saying it cant be done, by any means. I just wanted you to be aware that the photo is misleading.

    Post again if you dont get a responce in the "Frame Mounted Drive-Trains" section if no one helps in the intro section.

    Once again, welcome.

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    Welcome to the forum. Check your local laws (and the legal forum on this site) about motored bikes on bike paths and multi-use paths.
    In Arizona, we can motor in the bike lanes, but must shut down and pedal on bike paths and multi-use paths. Cheers
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    Welcome to the site.
    Might do some searching for motor mounts.
    Looks at some of the great bikes in the gallery for good ideas.
    Good luck.