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Hello everyone!

I am Amoz Lee and I am from Singapore. For those of you who don't know, we are a little red dot on the world map just below Malaysia. Well I am very interested in doing up a motorized bike. We do not sell these bikes in singapore. However, I do have a sister who is studying in Sydney Australia right now.. I am hoping to find a nice motor there to bring over. Well for those of you who are wondering, the issue of the legal use of motorized bikes in Singapore is pretty grey now. The LTA( land transport authority) does allow to use of these machines. But for some weird reason, the police do not want to give me a firm answer on this issue. I guess it is a pretty grey area. I am going to use this bike to go to school n work...i have a few questions to ask

1. I saw this webbie n am thinking of buying an engine from them.. firstly, what do you think about it? ( (
2. is there a huge difference between the skystar f80 and the original zbox 70cc?
3. will these motors fit on a market bike like this? ( )
4. is there any way to make the motor quieter? Because I don't want to attract too much attention
5. does anyone have any better deals in Australia or Singapore?

I would like to thank all for taking the time to read my post. Thank you.
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:cool:Amoz, buy any bike you want.

for motorized engine installation kits, buy American.

log onto Inquire about the STATON friction drive with ROBIN/SUBARU engine. it's so quiet that the person standing next to you will barely notice the engine is running.

for power, choose 35cc. for better mileage, maybe the 25cc version.

hi Myron,

thanks for the advice. however it is way over my budget. i am looking at around $200...
the zbox is the cheapest i can find.. what is the cheapest engine i can find?


the chinese happy-time is already "cheap" enuff without you looking to get the cheapest one you can find...i know a lot of the aussies go with zbox and are satisfied.
:cool:Somewhere in your city is an expert who can fabricate all the brackets and mount a weedwacker, chainsaw or lawnmower engine onto your bike. this might be the cheapest conversion for you, and can be quite dependable, too.

that person can also be the one to maintain and service your motorized contraption.

that person might be the owner or employee of a small engine repair shop. or, he might well be a hot-shot kid on a moped/motorcycle.:eek:

seek, and you will find.

thanks alot for all your advice. on the zbox web site there is a model called the skystar f80 which is considerably cheaper... what are the differences and are the savings justifiable? do you guys feel it is worth the extra money to get the other more expensive zbox engine or just their f80 will do?

Hey Amoz,

Becareful if you were to import these coz LTA does have a set of regulations that outlaw the use of the bike on your website.

I shalt bore you with the details but you should be really careful when using the kit from Downunder especially when it is petrol powered!!

Alternatively, I was thinking of importing a electronic bike with pedal assist system that will fit all of LTA's requirements. It will come with a front-wheel hub, pedal assist system and battery for about SGD 350 - 380. It can do an average of 40Km/h per charge....

Do let me know if you are keen and we could possibly do a bulk shipment together.


:eek:I am saying that the bike in Amoz's post is illegal in Singapore and I have found another that fits the regulative body's requirement.

I am gonna import a set and is offering to get another piece in for him.

Mountainman... Please play attantion to the details and don't read between the lines again. :eek: