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    Hello Motoredbikes!

    We are and we are proud to launch our new site.

    We are offering members of this forum 15% off until the end of the year using checkout code: forum2012

    We are based in Calgary Canada, we can ship motors across Canada with very reasonable rates. Unfortunately we cannot ship the motors to the USA (**** EPA).

    But we have a wide variety of parts and accessories available for worldwide shipping.

    We will heavily discount bulk order and entertain retailer pricing for other vendors. Please contact for further inquires.

    You will notice we have a lot of other toys for sale and much much more to come!!

    Check us out at

    Any questions feel free to PM us or use the contact through the webpage.


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  3. jaguar

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    I can't find any engine like the Morini there.
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  5. speeddemonbikes

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    We currently do not stock the Morini style, rear mount motors. We do have a shipment of motors coming in the new year. I believe there will be a couple dozen in that order. I will update once that order comes in.

  6. Ludwig II

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    Do you have a date for that, and an idea of the cost, plus slowboat surface shipping?