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    In the video you say you hit 37mph,
    just curious is that speed measured with a GPS or cheap bicycle
    speedo. My bike with the same setup will only do
    31.2mph w/ 1.25 roller and speed measured with GPS.

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    Nice Vid...Thank you.
    BMP makes a great kit. I was thinking about getting a 2 stroke engine for my kit looking for some extra horsepower on top. I'm currently running a Subaru Robin EH035 & hit ~33mph w/ friction drive, ~36mph w/ V-Belt drive.
    What are your thoughts & reviews of the Monsterscooterparts engine?
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    Well I have one of the 49/52cc engines on my BMP
    kit and it pulls 220lbs plus a dressed out mt. bike up to
    31.6 mph.
    I like monster scooter engines, only draw back is you have to supply
    your on tank.
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    Can you use the "motorcycle" looking Grubee type tanks or Lawn tractor type cube tanks?