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    Hello, my name is Josh I live in Northern California. I did not even know what a Whizzer was until about a month ago when my wife's grandmother gave me a Whizzer that had been sitting in her back yard since 1952. She had the owners manual that is dated 1946. The motor's serial number is H54435 and the serial number on the bike that I think is a Schwinn is C14945. I am very excited about restoring this bike and hope to stay as original as possible.

    I am currently looking for a front fender and I'm not sure if I should replace the rear fender. The rear fender has some holes in it where something was probably mounted and I'm not sure if I should bondo the holes or just replace. I also don't know about the fuel tank, one corner is completely rusted through. Should I see about getting it fixed or replace? Any help? Thanks. Anybody know how to make the attachment photo bigger?

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    Figured it out.

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    That looks like a great find, and I'm sure you can restore it to like new condition. You will find plenty of help in our "Vintage, etc." Forum, and our "Whizzer & Antique MotoredBikes" Forum. That bike is too good to use cheap or bargain basement parts. BTW, Those are some fine children you have there.
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    As a modern Whizzer owner I can only look on that bike with an element of envy. My goal is to get and restore a vintage Whizzer. The H serial number is fairly low and should probably date the engine to 1946, which ties in with the manual you have. Quenton Guenther, who is a member of this forum is a Whizzer guru with many vintage Whizzer parts in his inventory. You might want to post about your bike in the Whizzer section, which is one part of this site he frequents.

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    Thank you for the welcome and I look forward to this build.