New vision for the spare bits



After I finish the current GEBE powered project I will begin on my next whizzer creation. Though it will end up being a far cry from these initial test pics, here's the idea utilizing what I have laying about.

Some of these pieces (in particular the tank) have a bit of history about them, The frame is of the NE5 variety and will be fairly radically chopped, but the tank is from an old Hercules Corvette moped, and from the info I've found:
it would seem that there are only about seven of these left in existence. I had no idea when I bought this on ebay for 30.00 'cause I couldn't afford a whizzer tank (this was for my second motored bike bike build way back in 2000), yet it turns out it was a stroke of good fortune in my favour! Way back then I was working for a company that had a sign division and my friend who collected old bikes worked in that area. She mixed me a can of custom paint to match the tank, which I still have so i can do accents on the fenders, etc, to tie it all together in the end... I think I will take the hopped up Quenton motor from my '50 schwinn to put on this one, as well as the worksman wheels... BUT that's getting ahead of myself... Anyway here's an idea of what I'm thinking:

but It should be interesting to say the least!


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Thats a refreshing look uncle p, almost has a mustang-peanut tank look to it. My hats off to you for breaking the chains of conformity! Cant tell you how hard I have looked for the perfect tank. Its like a quest for the Holy Grail. Biggest problem for me seems to be finding enough tunnel depth to hide the double back bone on my Firestone. But I like the way your tank sets,cool look dude, keep up the good work!
Thanks guys- I've been doing this sort of bizarre building for a while... I just scrounge through all the junk and stuff that I have then start going to work with it; when I need something I search, re-use, adapt/modify, whatever...

It's the funnest part of a build for me I think, scrounging and adaptive re-use. My friends all call me a Jawa (from Star Wars- the little guys that roam the desert collecting old junk...) for my always finding wierd old junk and dragging it home! But it's all fodder for my creative bents.

I agree with ya' on the tank thing, finding the right tank for the right machine can be like a grail quest... I've a few spares of different styles saved, waiting for that right project. When I come across 'em I grab 'em.

As I said above though, I've got to finish the GEBE project (see my thread in the rack mount if you're at all interested/curious) before I can start in on this one, and with that current build it's kinda the same sorta scrounge and adapt for use type deal.
Hint: Model T tail lamp as a headlamp... yeah that sort of bizarreness!:cool:
Thanks again for the kind words fellas.