NEW- Weinmann SX7 Alloy Wheel-12 g., works great (w/GEBE tip)

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    Weinmann SX7 Alloy Rear Wheel

    Since 2005 I've been using WheelMaster's (the company, not the forum member who builds that deluxe custom unit) steel 12 g. rear wheels on my GEBE builds, as has my friend Jack, who is building MB's in Eva.

    The two of us asked Justin at our bike shop to keep 3-4 in stock. We paid $30-35 per wheel, it was the cheapest way to insure no broken spokes.

    But, tired of the rust factor, we both decided to try the Alloy, which listed in the J&B book for about $50. I used one last week on a Sun Comfort Rover 21, and again yesterday for a Schwinn Jaguar.

    I bought a third one to put on my personal recumbent, along with the new Serfas Drifter tire described in this thread:

    I searched the web and the forum, could not find this specific Weinmann SX7to link to.

    I think this is going to work out great, a decent price and no rust.

    GEBE tip: On the spoke ring installation, you move the ring around the spokes, until you find "the most perfect fit". On the WheelMaster steel type, there were usually 2 choices, and always one spoke might be a little off the mark.

    With the 2 Weinmann wheels I've done so far, that oddball spoke is not as obvious. I still spin it a full 360, to make absolutely sure, still try to identify the stray spoke.

    When I find the oddball, it automatically becomes 6 o'clock in the snap on procedure (12/6/3/9 o'clock). Both of the Weinmann wheels, when finished, seem nearly perfect, as far as being centered. On the Sun bike last week, the tension bar hardly even twitched.

    AFTER you have snapped on the ring, then you zip tie the spokes.

    I used to think that didn't matter, before or after the snap-on, but now can attest that pulling those spokes together as the second step is like tightening your shoelaces, then putting in a double knot.

    There just seems to be no way the ring can slip out of "perfectly round" once the zip-ties have "sealed the deal".

    Time (and miles) will tell, but that's how Jack and I are doing it, snap first/tie second.

    And I'll be using the Weinmann SX7 until something better comes along.
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  2. seanhan

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    Hey Bama

    where did you buy the Weinmann SX7 Alloy Wheel-12 g from and does it take the screw on cassettes ???
  3. bamabikeguy

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    Through my bikeshop, they are in the J&B catalog.

    And yes, they are threaded for the screw on cassette.
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    I boiught the rim only, from Niagara Cycles through Amazon. The alloy is aluminum 6061 T-6. I thought the reference to "alloy" in the specs was chromalloy like the bike frames. I'm hoping these are as strong or stronger than the Sun Rhino-Lite that I'm replacing. My intention was to get a steel rim, preferably one that won't rust. BTW, I saw a complete Wenmann wheel with 12 gauge spokes on Amazon, I believe the same "alloy" rim.
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    I bought

    A Weinman zac-19 double wall 14g.
    It is holding up good with the GEBE.
    It came with a quick release so I bought a solid axle for it.
    still ended up costing around 100 bucks !!!!
    man only paid 97 bucks for the bike new!!!!!
    I really need to get motovated and framemount my GEBE !!!!
    and get another wheel and drive ring built up, so if I loose a wheel I can do a quick swap !!!
  6. seanhan

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    Update the Weinman zac -19 has bit the big one !!!!!
    Not even a good as the cheap stock schwinn wheel !!!!
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    If you can find them, the Sun BFR Mammoth is a super strong alloy wheel. I think they've stopped making the 36 spoke units though - the only one's I've seen new are the ones with 32 spoke holes.