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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Hal the Elder, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Hal the Elder

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    Today a Whizzer dealer told me that he checked with his distributor (which I asked him to do), who told him that the NE5's are now discontinued, and will be replaced by the new "NE-R" model.

    The NE-R will have disc brakes front and rear, tachometer, wider tires, new forks, turn signals and other upgrades, and will retail for $1795.

    Anybody else heard this?

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  2. CalgarysFool

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    Not yet listed on their website, but please keep us posted. Links, pix, gossip, anything would be nice.

  3. Mountainman

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    no reason to bulljive you

    well - I have talked with a couple of those Whizzer dealers in the past --
    they both seem to be real good people
    there should be no reason to bulljive you..

    ride that thing
  4. KilroyCD

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    I have seen a spy shot of the NE-R (I'm not even sure Whizzer knows this photo is floating about) and I can see that they are fitting their CVT transmission to the bike. It also has the 3" tires of the Ambassador along with the disc brakes. I hope Whizzer takes the time to ensure the whole package comes together reliably.
  5. Hal the Elder

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    Hey Kilroy:

    Is that picture of the NE-R considered confidential, or may we upload it for a "peek"?

    I assume the Ambassador's carburetion issue will be resolved upon release of the NE-R to the dealers.

    That constantly variable ratio transmission should give good "off the line" performance compared to the fixed belt ratio of the NE-5, and then transition to the cruising ratio for good economy.

    I was going to order an NE-5 today, until my dealer informed me about the new kid on the block.

    Hal the Elder
  6. KilroyCD

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    I'm not at liberty to post that spy shot, as I don't want to get the person who took it into any possible hot water with Whizzer. I also don't want the picture of a prototype to get into circulation before any photos of the production examples are released. There are likely to be significant differences between the prototype and the production versions.
    Regarding your decision to buy an NE5 or wait for the new model, let me throw a few thoughts at you. If you can get a new NE5, keep this in mind. The 2008 NE5 features all the engine upgrades that were available to the NE5. I'm referring to the mushroom lifters (for longer cam and lifter life, not to mention better performance) as well as the improved intake manifold. It may or may not be fitted with the auto-clutch. If it has the auto-clutch, some tweaking may be required. Also keep in mind that the 2008 NE5 is the last of the breed, and was produced in smaller numbers. It could have some added collector value there.
    One thing I find disconcerting about the new NE-R is the CVT drive that it's fitted with. It is so wide that I understand the engine is going to be offset to the right to help make room for it. The photo of the prototype appears to have the engine on the centerline, so the CVT sticks out what appears to be at least six inches to the left. I base my estimate using the pedal for scale.
    In my humble opinion (and as a proud NE5 owner), I would opt for the NE5 if I was in the same position as you.
  7. Will it have pedals unlike the Ambassador?
  8. Quenton Guenther

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    I would try to find a NE5 [2005 to 2008]if I were you. Whizzer has not been know to bring a new model to market with enough testing, and will use you as tester to work out the problems. I have yet to read a good report on the new CVT system or the new carburetor, in fact all the information sent my way has all been bad on the Ambassador. I have a collection of over 20 Whizzers, including a 1999, 2001 [two], 2003, 2005, and a 2008 Ambassador [parked after the first 1500 miles]. I really like all my new edition Whizzers, but needed to spend a lot of time and money working out all the problems, but once the "bugs" are worked out, it was worth it. As far as I know the CVT isn't geared correctly for cruising, and the current reports indicate they don't take off very well either. I was hoping someone would post a good report for the CVT, but so far no information.

    Have fun,
  9. Egor

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    Why is it so difficult for Whizzer to put the two speed back on the bike. If they would it would be advantageous for us to be able to use it. It scares me to think they are going to use the wheels off the Ambassador, they are smaller and will make the bike look odd. Lace the hubs in the larger wheels, and give us good brakes. I agree with Quinton about the CVT the one on the Ambassador is HUGE and it takes away from the simple looking engine. I think if I were Whizzer I would come to this place and put some of there ideas to the board, or at least read the forum. Oh well I hope for the best, I love my NE5 but I am getting weary of all the mods to be done to keep it going. Quinton is a Encyclopedia of information and has been the one to get my bike up and running correctly. It is close to just fun, and that is my motto. Have fun, Dave

    PS: Have you seen the cover over that CVT I think it is larger than the front bumper of a 56 Buick. LOL
  10. InfoCentral

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    From what my dealer told me they were going to take parts off the Ambassador and combine them with the NE5. Apparently they were having a lot of problems with the Ambassador, one being not able to pass smog here in CA. So the plan was to discontinue the Ambassador and take the best of it and fit it into a new NE5 for the 2009 model. It now looks like that is exactly what they have done but I haven't heard of the demise of the Ambassador? Perhaps after the inventory sell?
  11. Hal the Elder

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    Whatever Whizzer does with the NE-R...

    ...will it still have the pedals and the 1.95 HP engine to qualify it as a Moped?

  12. Hal the Elder

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    You say you're getting weary of all the mods required to keep your NE5 going.

    Is this the case with many NE5 owners?

  13. KilroyCD

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    It has the pedals, and the official word from Whizzer is that it will be restricted (1.95 hp), but the word on the street is that it originally wasn't planned that way. I believe they were originally planning to have it without the restrictor so the CVT could operate better, but then it would have blurred the line between motorized bike/moped and small motorcycle, making it harder to register is some states.
  14. KilroyCD

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    My 2005 NE5 has not needed many modifications, but it seems like Egor's has. Some bikes have (for varying reasons) higher crank case pressure that causes excessive venting of oil out the breather. Mine doesn't have that problem. My only major modification (to date) has been the fitting of mushroom lifters, but I do plan to work on the clutch arm this winter to improve the alignment.
  15. Egor

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    Quinton has a litany of things he has found that need to be remedied to keep the bike in running condition for the long run. My bike and the one my friend has were bought on the same day and they are different in many ways. The pipe, clutch, brakes, some mounting hardware. His does have the 27" wheels, I have 26. I still love the bike, I do have to say I can get to a place where I will say, OK, THAT"S IT OUT YOU GO, and then I cool off and just enjoy the sound of that long pipe singing in the wind and I get over it.
    I have to tell you a story, the other day I was feeling low and by the end of the day I was worn out. I decided to take the bike out and as I was getting it out I thought I would make some noise, so I removed the baffle from the pipe. I took the bike out in our large parking lot and was just blasting around in a lazy 8's making as much noise as I could It felt great, by the time I got done I felt like I had a new lease on life. SO let this be a lesson, the best medicine is the wind, and the noise of a 139cc flat head Whizzer with no baffle in your ears. Have fun, Dave

    PS: I found another thing that is fun. I found that with the baffle out and coming down from 40mph pull the compression and open the throttle and it blasts flames and lets out a big boom, what fun. LOL I have to try this at night.
  16. NE=R pre release

    Hi guys, look in the whizzer section if you want to see the pre-release pics.