New Whizzer dealer in South Dakota

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    Hi All!

    I own Ride A Scooter Co. in New Underwood SD and carry Tank, Roketa, Vento and now Whizzer products. I used to have a dealership for Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia bikes and scoots before the fire that destroyed my home and shop in MA. so I packed up everything salvageable and moved out here and set up shop two years ago. No more big bikes as the cost to re-tool is beyond reach right now. But I found my niche out here repairing Chinese and other orphan scoots and ATVs. I got in on the ground floor when the Chinese scoots arrived in the US and have seen great strides in quality through the years and now with China and its associated provinces becoming major players in the manufacturing of small bikes, I hope to see larger full size bikes here.