New Whizzer NE-5 Engine for Sale [SOLD]

Hi Guys,
I just installed a Quenton Engine in my 2007 Whizzer Wow what a Fantastic engine ! So my 2007 NE-5 motor is for sale. It has 148 easy miles on it run's Great! These motors are no longer Available !
My Price is $600. with out the Carb to you in the 48 State's
only. Email me for photos
joe Pierson
Kerman Ca.


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Hi everyone, If you want a Whizzer motor, this is a good price. New motors cost more, but they aren't available at any price at the moment. For anyone looking for a Whizzer motor kit this is a good starting point.

Have fun,
New Whizzer NE-5 Engine For Sale*******

Hi Guys,
I wanted to mention, this is a Great bargin because the NE
cylinder kit is $395. and for only $205. more you get the complete motor !! Please make me an offer !!
I am now going to include the "Carb and the Air cleaner" with it for Free!!! Yes free !!
Thank you,
Joe Pierson
Kerman Ca.
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New Whizzer NE-5 Engine for Sale ****

Hi Weedylot,
Sorry no Trades, I need the cash, but thank you,
Hi everyone,
I just want to mention a couple of important facts to consider about Joe's NE motor. If you have a WC-1 motor and were considering the NE cylinder kit @ $395.00, as Joe stated for only $205 more you get the entire motor with 148 of the break miles already out of the way [means you can ride it a little faster than he did]. Also consider he included the air breather [part number 17200NE] that retails for $28.20, which is not included in the NE cylinder upgrade kit. If you upgrade your WC-1 motor with the upgrade kit you don't get the balanced NE flywheel [$92.55]or the hotter NE camshaft [$90.05]. So for $205 extra you get the breather, the balanced flywheel, and the hotter camshaft and don't have to install the upgrade kit, just bolt on the new motor and sell your old one to reduce your upgrade cost [used WC-1 motor $125 to $200].
At the moment I doubt Whizzer is offering any NE motors for sale.

Have fun,
NE-5?.... Unobtainium?

Thanks Quenton...very informative post...
I've scratch built several "big" bike engines in the past... including a Honda CB750 4 cyl. single cam (nightmare!) , sportsters and shovel/pan heads.(all for choppers)
You sound like you have the NE-5 motor all figured out.
I think the old axiom "you should always build the largest (displacement)/ most advanced/strongest motor you can" applies here.
I've scoured the net for new whizzar engines to no avail...
(Why wont the factory fill the niche? lack of production capability id wager)
But... as usual for me its gotta be the bigest, baddest and horniest motor I can get my grubby little paws on.
The rebalanced crank should help with longevity, and I'm sure the rest of the improvements will be just what i wanted for my ride...
Whats the final displacement and weight of the engine?
You didn't mention what kind of pipes you were running.? Head pipe diamiter? long for toque or shorty's for bark and acceleration?
How much $ are we talking about here? in total?
I'd appreciate any info or advice you might have.
Hi Guys,
My "2007 Whizzer Engine" is still for sale. Comes with Carb. and Air-cleaner. Price is $600. shipped to your door, in the 48 States!
Thank you,