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    3Mf3L83H55L65G75M3d2d7646e381a6c710a6.jpg DSCN0254.JPG DSCN0258.JPG DSCN0259.JPG DSCN0260.jpg I found out that alot of people from my other forum also comes here.. So I joined. the more i know about my whizzer. the better I can take care of her.She is a 2005 NE with over 1100 miles on her. She got a rebuilt carb. I payed 700 for her I would of payed alot more. But they don't come up for sale much were I live. Owning a whizzer for the last 4 years have been a dream of mine. Next summer I plan on taking a trip up and down the coast of michigan with her. here are a few pics of her.

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    I been reading about mods. by the pictures I have shown can you tell me what kind of engine I have the serial # are WME009109 and what kind of simple mods I could do.