New Year's Resolutions

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    I've made New Year's resolutions, discarded some, while other goals will forever be part of my life. One of them was to donate blood platelets every two weeks @ the Blood Bank of Hawaii. I resolved to continue doing this for the rest of my life, or as long as the bank will have me. Another was to quit smoking, which I was able to do since January 1970. This year, I vowed to commute to work with my motorized bicycle every day, rain or shine. The "rain or shine" commitment was mentally challenging, even tho the weather is great 97% of the time. Making the bike dependable and maintaining it well was not easy.

    2012 New Year's resolutions:

    I will not allow my wife and son to smoke in our home anymore. Presently, they're banned from doing so in my presence, so they smoke elsewhere in the house.

    I resolve to earn my motorcycle license in 2012, after acquiring my permit in 2011.

    I WILL fix and insure my 1985 Honda 150 scooter and get it on the road. It just needs to fix the flat tire(new), fix the speedo and secure loose body panels.

    I WILL get my 2006 Whizzer roadworthy.

    I WILL get Project 29er up and running in 2012.

    I will try to use less sick leave at work next year.

    I will try to be more productive @ work.

    I will try to be a better husband, a better father and the very best brand new grandfather. They will call me "Pops".

    I will try to understand and share the road with "cagers".

    I will try to be a better human being.

    How about you guys?
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    I don't make resolutions.

    I do develop intentions, however.

    I intend to work diligently at my physical therapy exarecises.
    I intend to be able to walk more than 50 feet without so badly bruising the soles of my feet that the skin splits open, by mid-year.
    I intend to lose 75 pounds in 2012, by a combination of exercise and better diet.
    I intend to finish my tadpole trike by the end of April, and use it to get more exercise.
    I intend to end 2012 without having to start dialysis.

    Mostly, I intend to survive the year.
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    My father died at age 57 and all my brothers @ 47 and 59.

    I just made 65. Every year after 59 is a gift to me. My life's resolution is to earn my 20-year pension in 12 more years.
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    Soon as I'm done....

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