New York State eBike Legality

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    New York State eBikers!

    The New York State Assembly votes to legalize eBikes, nearly every year, often UNANIMOUSLY!
    Then, is killed every year in the Senate.
    12 year history of Assembly passage and Senate rejection. - See -NYS eBike History
    You can comment to the Assemblymen and Senators after the description of the Bill.

    Up for consideration again this year.
    Please comment at comment portion after description of Bill.
    Make your voice heard!
    Spur on NYS Senators to finally take action, or spurn them!!!

    Bill S997-2015 - Defines the term electric assisted bicycle

    Bill A233-2015 - Defines the term electric assisted bicycle

    And ... The the gasoline abomination Bill ...

    Bill A5998-2015 - Defines the term power-assisted bicycle

    Vulgar and inappropriate comments are not allowed.

    I urge all New York citizens to comment ... and spread the word ... for more New Yorkers to make their voice heard!
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    NYS eBike Bill History

    14 years of New York State Senate sabotage

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    Took 10 days ... but comments about the NYS eBike Bill were finally moderated and posted up.
    NYS citizens! Please comment or reply to comments.
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    Only thing worse than a west coast liberal is an east coast liberal. There's no valid reason on this planet an electric bicycle should be outlawed. Not one!