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  1. justonie

    justonie New Member

    hi im justin im new built my first bike runs good but now having excessive reving problems so came to get help

  2. stude13

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    welcome justonie; that is a common condition. it indicates an air leak. check the intake connection and for loose head bolts by spraying wd40 there. a little sealant can be used on the intake. for the head get rid of those crowned nuts and double nut each head stud. it is best to do this right away as you can melt your piston. keep everthing snug, do not overtighten because the threads will strip out. good luck. mitch
  3. justonie

    justonie New Member

    hey thanks for the help i havent tried it yet but i know that i have been having leaks in the exahust so ill check there then the intake