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    Hi everyone

    I am new to motored bikes and had no idea that there was such a following of it. let me give you a little background of myself. I am a concrete contractor and am doing a job for an older gentleman right now and he asked me if I could mount a motor on an old tricycle that he has in his yard. I said sure no problem, I was just kidding of course, then the wheels of my mind started turning and I started thinking weed eater motor. I blew it off and a couple of days went by and he went to the Harley shop and they printed him out a couple of pages off the internet of motor kits for bicycles. I said wow that is trick. I am an old stock car and drag racer from way back and was really excited about this. When I got home that evening I started researching this thing of motors on bicycles which lead me here, pretty cool. Mr. Vernon, my customer said that he wants me to build him a tricycle set up and wants to order two bikes and motor kits and is going to give me one of the bikes and motor kits for doing this for him, cool. I have decided that I want to go with the cruiser style bikes and the 2 stroke motors for them. And for the tricycle I want to put a 4 stroke on it. For the bicycles it's easy there are kits out he box for them, but the tricycle there are no such kits available yet. Can anyone direct where I can get the parts to do this or someone who has built one give me some direction on where to start. I will post question in the appropriate section on this subject, I am glad I found this forum and I hope you motorized bike guru's can help me with this task. Peace for now and if anyone can help me please feel free to pm me or contact me via cell or email. Thanks again.

    Chip Taylor
    504-292-3818 cell
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