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    Well lets be honest here, I never even knew about motor bicycles until a few weeks ago lol. I always wanted to get a motorcycle or a new dirtbike ever since I broke my collar bone, but I got lucky with the price of this one and I am now a Motor Bike FANATIC!

    I bought my bike from someone on craigslist lol, put it this way.. almost 50% cheaper than a new one and there is nothing wrong with this one except for the pedals being a tad worn out. It runs good, the fuel lines leak a bit but it is only when it over fills with gas, which idk if its a big problem... I hope not or else I am going to shoot myself because I just spent my savings on this.

    I hope to learn more about the motors and kits and possibly upgrade and build a new one, maybe looking into a 4 stroke only because right now I am riding a 2 stroke.

    Attached is my bike :)

    I have added 2 basic mirrors which I want to replace with new ones but I bought stuff to get it ready to drive street legal once I register it and get my M-2 license. I also added a seat cushion haha, head light, back light, a little computer thing which I think is cool lol.

    I want to add decals or maybe change the paint but I am going to wait on that lol.

    well... Hi..

    I'm Louie :)

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