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    Hey yall I've been lurking here for a few months now while sorting out my setup. Think it's pretty well set up now and reliable. I've been into cars/engines/bikes for a looong time and a friend in our car club here at Virginia Tech has a happy kit so I had to have one too!

    I'm waiting on a super sweet dual mufflered ebay exhaust to get in with an expansion chamber, then I can start getting this little booger tuned in.

    I'll start off with the frame. It's an steel meanie frame. Engine barely fit and there was no way the stock intake/carb would clear the top tube. I originally cut up an aluminum handle bar and extended the intake out behind the seatpost. The stock carburetor leaked more fuel that it delivered so it had to go, wasn't worth buying another stocker. So I got this bigger sucker, think it's a 20mm designed for CRF50, has replaceable jets and adjustable needle height and it doesn't leak!!! The intake is copper tubing that I decided to TIG weld rather than sweat, thinking it would be a cleaner install and look cool. Well it looks worse than sweated copper in my opinion and man did it soften up the copper haha, oh well.

    On to the drivetrain. I decided I wanted to redrill the sprocket and attach it via the disc hub for a cleaner install. When I did this I noticed it was going to up the sprocket very close to the rear triangle. So rather than rethinking, I just "clearanced" the frame. As you can see in the pic I cut the lower chainstay in two places and flipped it so it bulges out for chain clearance instead of inward.

    I'll post more pics with I fit the new exhaust with expansion chamber. Also need to switch over to the 32:1 mix as it's about broken in now!

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    hey now thats a NICE build
    welcome to MBc
    apparently you have read quite a lot around here
    I'm looking forward to more great ideas from you (among many others here) for my bike
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    Thanks nunya, I'm going to modify the seat as well, going to go with a chopper style springer seat situated really low and right on the rear tire, keep the flat style bars and construct my own home brew springer front fork which should push the front wheel out front hopefully 6-8". Could be dangerous!