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    I'm in Tallahassee Florida. One of my friends back home in Mississippi had a gas baike, and once I saw it, decided I had to have one. We take trips to the beach often, and enjoyed renting the scooters to put around on. I saw this as a relatively cheap way as a scooter substitute for beach and camping trips.

    So I got online and just started ordering stuff. Really wish I would have found this forum first, I probably would have done things a bit different. I would like to thank this site/forum as a whole for the information available, as it has helped/saved me many times.

    I installd a 66cc HT on an older cranbrook cruiser for my ride, and a livefastmotor 31cc rear mount on a womans cruiser for my wife. I spent the past month getting them installed and tuned.

    This past weekend we took our rides to Jacksonville beach, and had an absolute blast cruising the streets. You know, rappers call there $200,000 cars "show-stoppers" because when they are out people stop what they are doing to look at there rides. I'd say the same for our $300 rides. It was amusing to see everyone stop and stare. We got a lot of thumb-ups, and even a few offers.

    However, our ride was cut a bit short near the end due to an issue with my HT. I had the chain pop off 3 times, and have not yet determied why. The first time it came off the rear sprocket only, and I figured the chain just need tightening. The 2nd and 3rd time it came off of the front drive sprocket. Haven't figured out why yet. When I popped the cover off, I noticed the clutch pin just fell out. I hadn't noticed this before, and I'm wandering if I lost another piece that holds it in.

    Well, I'm sure I'll figure it out with enough searching and tinkering, but any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    I've done the introduction, but it still will not let me post any replies and/or questions on threads. Any ideas why not, or what I need to do to be able to post?
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. The problems you're experiencing in the early going are common to just about everybody who has an HT kit. I'm sure with a bit of search and reading you'll find all you want to know, if not post your questions and maybe you could reply here to see if you're okay with posting