newb schwinn sting ray occ now it begins...

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  1. bloodeagle

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    Hi im mark from mn
    I saw a stingray for 100 bucks so here i am. its chrome , mint cond. i have owned honda express 50 yamaha towny and now i want to make a f the oil tycoons bike!
    i cant leave anything alone. my mini bike is piped. my car is crazy modified and now a chopper bike.

    I dont see any motor mount kits on ebay... So i plan to fab motor mounts from an old bike frame, a steel plate and a welder. mount the engine to the bike frame, cut the lower frame and tack to the plate. remove engine, cut tubes and finish weld tacks. It just takes time...

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  2. bloodeagle

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    i started

    installed a headlight... i had layn around.
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    WELCOME!, I just finished an OCC Schwinn Build. What motor are you going to go with?
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    Lots of OCC riders on this board. Just be careful, You can't have just one!

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  5. bloodeagle

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    what kit?

    grub 48cc with a 36t sprocket, i still havent desided who to order from yet and i dont have an ebay account.