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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pro driver, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. pro driver

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    Hey guys, AWESOME SITE! I have been on here searching for awhile and have learned alot. You all are a wealth of information and its great that you have a place to share it with everyone. I had a GEBE kit years ago and got rid of it for some stupid reason but after doing some research I have decided to go with the Stanton Friction GX35 which is great. Its been on for a week and I forgot how much fun these things are(hence koolaid smile when riding):tt1:Just wanted to say thanks to you all for taking the time to help. I will post pictures when I figure it out.

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    We're glad you joined up.

    I also went through a period of no MB after my first two. I had come to feel that I was doing a bit too much tinkering and not enough riding.

    But then the 'itch' got me. So I built another one. And, yes, I've gotta tinker with this one, too. But it doesn't seem so bad now. The knowledge I gained the first time around was a big help.
  3. pro driver

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    Yes I forgot how fun these things were,besides Im 54 and refuse to grow up. Im really impressed with the stanton kit,very well made and the friction drive is great in its simplicity.
  4. Fabian

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    Funny about that. I am 43 and my ex-girlfriends said the same thing; a few of them saying "either you choose me, or you choose the bike" and one in particular who made mention that i had a choice to make: either i choose marriage and make plans to start a family or i could choose the bike.

    No idea where my ex's are these days, but I am happy to report that i still have my motorized bicycle :clap:
  5. pro driver

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    I was married 25 years when the old lady went off to bigger and better things in 2006.ever since then I do what I want and there's nobody to b**** at is good!
  6. wheelbender6

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    How bout those Sun Devils ending Lane Kiffin's career at USC?
    The weather cooling off this time of year makes a lot of people in the sun belt want to ride again too.
    I bought a 125cc motor scooter earlier this year. It's much faster than my motorized bike, but less fun.
    You add gas,check the oil and keep the tires aired up. That's it.
    On the motorized bike, I'm always making better brackets, sketching mods and planning better lighting.
    I'm comfortable doing a lot of experimentation on the motorized bike. It's like a quest at times.
  7. Bgard

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    Ya hoooo I now what you mean. I was 31 years married had a heart attack and she left me 2 months later. Almost 2 years later enjoying life doing what I want and know one to answer to but me. Really enjoying this hobby right now.
  8. pro driver

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    well wheelbender I'm not really into sports but I've got a Yamaha Zuma 50 cc and this is definitely a lot more fun a real kick in the pants.bgard yeah well with nobody to tell me what to do or when to do it I'm kind of lost sometimes and I spend a lot of money on a lot of stuff I don't need but you only go around once and it sure beats laying around watching TV.also after what I've been through through all the years of being married I sure ain't lookin for nobody else.