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    Hey Everyone, hailing in from MN. Just getting started in autocycles. A friend of mine introduced me a year and a half ago and finally I have been able to build my own. Became interested in trying to find cheap ways of getting from point A to point B.

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    We're glad you joined up.

    Tell us about your bike. We'll be glad to hear it. Photos are good, too.
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    Currently adding motor to a cantilever men's beach cruiser. Eventually would like to do more, but need the flo to make it go. Adding a 66/80cc 2 cycle engine for the moment. As soon as the engine arrives, I will be adding pics. I added reflective tape to the forks, rear down tubes, pedal chain guard and the handlebars. Added two red reflectors angled outward to the left and to the right on the seat post and taped the rack as well. Two mirrors with blue reflectors. Ultimately, I want to frankenstein the bike, meaning different parts from different styles, brands of bikes. Eventually I want to add a springer fork, brake light with signals.