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    hi, just got into motorized biking, i love the concept and this site. i should have

    joined this site earlier because im in a mess of problems on my bike. i have skyhawk gt5 and its been **** from the get go. first problem, I broke the screw flesh with the clutch arm. the clutch cable is really tight with no free play. anyways i ran into some problems with the garbage spark plug boot but i found an american replacement that seems to work very well. i cant start this thing no matter how hard a try. the engine is turning over and when i hold the spark plug to the fins and move the bike i see sparks. fuel is going to the carb. can lack of free play be the sole cause of not starting? could it be the carb? can i get some solutions. should i try to remove this little screw, which might be impossible or go ahead and just buy a new clutch arm. this thing is really been a headache and im about to give up on it all together.

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    Welcome to the MBc, Dropleg. Glad to have you with us, and sorry that you are having problems right off the bat with your first build. Now that you have introduced yourself, you really should move your questions over to the 2-Stroke Forum according to the Forum Instructions. Read all of the 'Stickies' for valuable information and post some questions over there, if necessary. Good Luck.