newbe with a 77cc 3.5 hp egine

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    Newbe her with an odd motor and a crazy idea. Ill bet youv'e all heard that a million times. First a short intro, I found this site back in October when I thought I might build a motorized bike as a winter project. I ended up buying a honda CT 90 instead but still have a bug to build a motorized bike.

    I recently aquired a power products AH 47 engine with a gear reduction transmission out of a late 50's chainsaw. The engine is 77cc and rated at 3.5 hp but they can easily be hot rodded to 4.5 hp. It is a 2 cycle reed valve design and was popluar with kart racers back in the early 6o's. the transmission on mine is a 1:3.24 reduction. I think this engine turns at 4k in stock dress, not sure what it will turn when tuned.

    I am thinking about a retro styled build and I really like the old board track racers. I also like the syling of the japanese market only Honda solo which I think would be a great design to build as a mortorized bike.