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    Hi to all; Steve here, 57 yrs young, lived in Green Bay, WI. "GO PACKERS" 4 yrs USMC worked on and flew back seat on jet airplanes. 32 yrs building and remodling homes, "jack of all trades and master of none" can get me in trouble sometimes, HA,HA,HA!!! 5 years ago I sold everything and moved to the island of Roatan off the east coast of Honduras, built my island home and Loving my New Life. I would like to build my 1st motorized bike, first problem Roatan has no Home Depot or other big chain stores, just think small general stores in the Old West. I have available to me a welder, bike rims and tires, small non -working china scooter 10" tires, 2" galvanized pipe, pvc pipe, 2/ 30cc weedeaters, small 142 poulans chain saw,nuts/bolts, rebar, scrap iron, I would like to build a 2 or 3 wheel bike with or without trailer for me 160lbs and my best friend Onyx my 60lb black lab. I also have a YG2800i yamaha inverter/generator, which can run on gas and propane, used it to build my home I use it maybe 3 time a year now. I was thinking I could put the yamaha on a trailer and use it to push bike. With my available material could this be done? No Rules on roads here, anything goes down here! Please help me brain storm could this be done??? Thanks Steve "time to go diving"

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    Hi Steve,
    Sounds like you have a good start with your available building materials.
    (also your desire to build & skills)

    Have a look around & see what some have done.

    Here's a thread showing what we've built with what was on-hand.

    Even just 3 times a year, a generator comes in mighty handy. :whistling:

    When you get ready to build.... start a thread and post lots of pics.

    In the about a few pics of your Island!! (we like pics)

    Welcome aboard.
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    What's import tariffs and/or customs like in HN? Having net access opens up the possibility of obtaining key parts if you need'em.
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    I have a temporary web site sit up for my family and friends to look at. just click on pictures to see more, thanks steve
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    By the time we pay for shipping and customs you can just figure 3 times the US prices on importations.thanks Steve
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    Very nice. So, you've read The Mosquito Coast? :devilish: