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    Hi everyone :smile:

    I started thinking about gas hitting $5 a gallon this summer (thats my prediction) and that prompted me to make some sort of 150+ MPG bike add-on.

    I am working on a mini bike pusher using a Honda 50GX motor.
    The info and people here on this site will be a great source for me!

    I am excited to be here with all of you! Happy New Year!

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    Welcome. Quite a few of us have been fooling around with the pusher concept. I see in your profile, you make toys for kids. Whatcha got for me? :grin:

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    G'day and welcome to MBc.
    $5/gallon...sad ain't it and i'm afraid were all in the same boat with the same idea for jumping ship.
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    Myeah... I am driving a Ford 350 Superduty Diesel with duallies on back...18 MPG. I have the Carbon Footprint of a Sasquach!
  5. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest that.
    Howz about a Sasquach in steel capped boots.....Steel Capped Sasquach. :smile:
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    Good Luck

    Good Luck and welcome to MBC-personally i believe a g40x may be a bit to powerful without reduction,it was for my bike and i ended up getting a kit.But I'm unsure.I'm sure someone else will verify for me.
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    Greetings and welcoem to the tribe from the Giant Side of Texas!
  8. Welcome Walter,
    You already know me a little. I'm enjoying the correspondence & photos. If we keep recruiting P.T. guys & get enough info flowing, Augidog says he'll give us a forum just for powered trailers. You've made a great start with your first machine. Keep it up. This is a great hobby and a very friendly, useful forum. Take a lot of time exploring it.
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    Welcome to Mbc! This is a great source for a lot of stuff.
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Hey Dennis, I wanted to post some of our chats here in the forum so others can read and add to the discussion.

    Great pictures. Thanks ! I love these things. I had so much fun with mine and am eager to make another, better one as soon as I get my new workshop building erected.

    Do the engine mounts stay put with clamping pressure? If so, that will help when it comes time to adjust your chain.
    That must be a very good hitch that doesn't twist lengthwise or your engine would make it sway left & right due to being top heavy. Almost all of the weight of the whole trailer is above the line between the hitch and the place the tire touches the ground. The more weight you can get below that line the better. Try to design your next one to be able to stand upright when off the bike & supported only by the hitch. If it leans too much or falls over, it will rely on the hitch too much to keep it upright. If it's a precision, strong hitch you don't have to worry about that too much. It's your call, but I prefer to keep unnecessary stress off the hitch.
    I'm sorry if you got faked out by my designs. I used Briggs & Stratton engines that are torquey & 3500 RPM max, so direct drive worked well for me. You could put a 2.5 or 3.5 Briggs on there as is & do pretty well, but the Honda is a much better engine (as long as you haven't broken it in too harshly).
    It looks like you could get one of those crank adapters from bicycle places that fit into where the pedal crank used to be. You can build a jackshaft that way that is strong & will hold good bearings. There's info in the forum about that. There's room elsewhere for a jackshaft too. Roughly speaking, I think you only need a further 2 to 1 reduction from whatever you have there now. Do you think that half the speed it's trying to go now would be a reasonable compromise between speed and climbing/acceleration? If so, your jackshaft should have twice the number of teeth on the input sprocket as it does on the output sprocket that drives the chain that goes to the wheel. It doesn't matter much how many teeth as long as the first one is twice the second one. Twice the teeth is also twice the diameter and results in twice the number of engine revolutions for each wheel revolution. If the sprockets are too big, the first one might have clearance problems with the pavement in a left turn. If they're too small, it puts extra strain on the chain, but they generally don't make them too small for the chain size.
    Be sure to design independent adjustability into your chains directly or with idler sprockets that adjust to take up the slack on the return sides of the chains.
    Using a jackshaft will give you the opportunity to center the engine on the trailer.
    Don't use your trailer too much with your present ratio because it will put extra wear on the clutch and it isn't good for a new engine to be lugged down.
    Have you solved your forum registration glitch?
    For now, you can check out gearboxes at They're expensive, but extremely durable & the right one would bolt right on to the engine and make a jackshaft unnecessary (except for allowing you to center the engine). We still need to know the number of teeth on your clutch & wheel sprocket & the circumference of your tire to pick out which gearbox to use and which size sprockets to get for the output shaft on the gearbox.
    If you used a little bike like this that had a monoshock already, it would probably be too stiff for the lightweight engine to compress it. It was designed for a person's bodyweight, so the attachment point of the shock to the frame would have to be moved to give the swingarm more leverage against the shock. Depending on the particular bike, it would probably need to be moved more than halfway closer to the swingarm pivot. I'll send this now for your reply before it gets too late. I'll be working on another email with a picture of a little monoshock I've got.

    You should copy & paste & save to a folder any correspondence, links, forum posts, photos etc. you can find related to this project. You'll be glad you did.


    P.S. For some reason your name sounds very familiar to me. It will eventually dawn on me why it seems familiar.
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    I have given some more thought to the suspension on my next design... I came to the same conclusions about a small bike mono shocks being too stiff ... even a tiny bike has a 50 pound load on it! My Mini Trailer will weigh in at no more than 30-35 pounds. I also agree that just using a UN-dampened spring design would only potentially add even more bounce. My first design also had a very long connector arm and that could have also increased the "air time" of the trailed when it was bouncing.

    I have decided to not incorporate a suspension arm in this next prototype for the following reasons:

    My next design will have a lower profile and connect to the rear side of the bike down low. This will result in a much shorter connector arm and that would make the bounces shorter when they occur.

    I will keep the tire pressure low to act as a dampener.

    The extra pivot point with a suspension arm would complicate my jack shaft set up.

    I also want to keep the total length of the set up as compact as possible ... the extra suspension components would add another 6 inches to the design.

    I will experiment with adding some weights to see if that reduces bounce going over preset speed bumps.


    In a message dated 1/9/2008 9:28:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes: Please read customer's reviews & save for reference. The main point is you may need a DAMPENED shock to work well on your trailer. A simple captured spring or bungees may not be much better than no suspension. Below are pix of bungee suspension on ultralight airplanes. They have no "damping" action, however. They are just there to prevent damage to the fuselage from too hard of a landing. A real shock absorber has hydraulic action that slows down the return of the wheel after a bump has compressed the shock absorber. This keeps it from bouncing back into the air. It would be nice not to have to worry about hitting a bump at high speed, especially since you have full suspension on your bike. We will have to play with a cheap WalMart bike to see if their shocks are dampened or are merely springs. That's a good question for the forum.
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
  16. correspondence with Sensationpdx re powered trailers

    No problem so far, but don't post my latest message to you. I need to refine & test the tutorial section. I think it's too dense. Some call me Dense Becraft:smile: My last email crossed your last one or I would have used your preferred speeds in the calculations. Now my email program quit working. All this powered trailer stuff should be in a different forum, too. We're still in introductions. Also, these discussions would mean a lot more to the forum if you posted pictures of your testbed prototype powered trailer. We can't tell much from the video. Augidog, Where should this be?
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    thanks, dennis...somebody please start a new topic about this in the "wild in the streets" area...i'm dying to see this develop, i personally see a lot of potential (like "pusher" sidecars)...and, 'pdx...

    welcome to the MBc :cool:

    ps-if the sub-genre takes off, it will get it's own area :)
  18. All I could do would be to combine my posts and correspondence into one new post. Since I won't be starting my next build til Spring, I think SENSATIONPDX should start a thread on his build. He just disassembled his first prototype and apparently is ready to start his next version. He has good pix of his first trailer. He needs ratio reduction & the forum could help him determine which gearboxes are available that bolt on to his Honda GX50. What do you say Walter? Are you ready to start a thread on your project in the "Wild in the Streets" area? We could ask Augidog to move your most recent post there. You could send in your photos & we could get a real good thing going.
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    Yeah! I would love to start a new thread on this topic! LOL... I have stayed up way past my bed time and spent wayyyy to much money on this project! But I cant get it out of my head... I am feeling obsessed with it : )-

    I am new to the whole forum concept of chatting, so I need to try and figure out how to start a "Thread" in the "Wild in the Streets" area.

    Getting a new camera tonight, so I will have lots of pix to post of the build.