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    Hi guys & gals - Just an older guy trying to figure out if I should motorize a 3 wheeler for running to the store, etc. or if I need to create a 3 wheel velomobile without pedals & just use a 40-50 cc Mitsubishi. I have a lot of 13 degree hills to climb but really don't want to pedal due to arthritic knees. However on the flats would like to go at least 25-30 mph which I realize increases the danger. Am looking at the EZ-3 as well as coverting the Classic Rider from here: - - which looks like it has an option of 68 spoke wheels. So any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

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    Hi marv. Welcome to MBc!
    Neat trikes. I dont know enough about them though. Im sure someone will.

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:}
    Here's a great crash course post "link" to get you started.
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    This is one I am considering also

    Thanks for the reply. I believe I need at least a centrifical clutch and believe the Mitsubisi 43cc has one. On the other hand am not sure about mounting a gear arrangement when you have a lot of spokes as with the Classic Cruiser instead of the one pictured.

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    Definitely check out the link in graucho's post, especially the trikes in the "first place builds" section.

    Rear mounting seems too difficult for someone of my skills. I like the front-mounted trike idea. Dunno if you'd want GEBE on it... you like the Mitsubishi which is a good one, but GEBE is still possible. If your fork was wide enough, you could do a chain drive to freewheel pretty easily with another rear wheel placed on the front.
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    hi marv,

    my wife rides an ez 3 trike which i ended up hooking up with an electric motor instead of gas because she tows the kids around. (lota of fumes in their faces ahhh....}

    While doing some extensive research i found that staton inc has some great bolt on kits ready assembled for the trikes.

    I love riding her trike very comfortable and with the power pack an added bonus.

    the staton engines are chain driven which i have no experience with, as my other bike is a belt driven gebe rack mount.

    goodluck with your build and i hope you find the info handy.
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks guys - I decided early on that I didn't want electric due to their short range. Am sure there would be a way to vent fumes plus create a heat box off of the muffler similar to an airplane for cabin heat. Now am trying to understand why a 50 cc scooter that weighs around 150 lbs. more than a trike (empty) can climb a 12 deg. hill wheras there seems to be concern that a 50cc bike can't. Assume it has to due with wheel size and gearing plus the centrifical clutch. Most of my trips would be in the 20 mile round trip range since I live in the boondocks with a lot of hills but the roads are paved. So in my mind I am seeing a half sized chain drive Harley Trike that can be enclosed with a light weight enclosure & wheels & rims sturdy enough to do the job & one that I won't have to pedal due to the knee problem. I spent most of the day yesterday reading MBF & will do so again today. Besides, I need to build something or go nutz ............. <grin>
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    Welcome to MBc. I think you're right about gearing being the problem with hill climbing. Set up for mostly level riding, a Mitsu TLE 43 pushes me (135 lbs) on a Trek 830 Aluminum MTB (about 30 lbs) at 25 pretty well. I have to pedal to maintain speed going up hills. My impression is that the EZ-3 is probably lighter and better built than the trikes shown in the link you had. My advice would be Honda GXH50 and NuVinci mid-drive. Spendy, but in the long run, you will probably use it more, with less maintenance issues.
  9. biplanemarv

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    Thanks Alaskavan - Have been looking this morning at the Staton set up. Big bucks but appears as though it might work. I weigh 210 & would probably carry 20-30 lbs. of bags or tools most of the time.
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    Welcome to MBC and good luck with your build.
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    Staton is known for the quality of their products. I, and a few others, have had communication issues with them. But, they do have high quality products.
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    hi merv,

    yeap engine best solution for you, with the staton kits fumes wouldnt be the problem, just the noise coming from the engine.

    the sun trikes are decent quality, i hammmer our ax model pretty well and it stands up to most of the punishment considering fully loaded with kids it most be close to 300 lbs.

    If you get a chance take one out for a test ride (try and find a local bike shop that sells them) before you commit, the deta style is not to everyones liking and steering can be hairy if you are going into a corner too fast....

    the tadpole trikes can also be motorised but they are also lower to the ground, riding the sun trike is like sitting in a comfy chair and exercising you legs, fun to ride.
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    Thanks - I talked to David Staton this morning & he is thinking the GC EZ-3 SX might be the best for what I want initially. It has the GXH 50 cc Honda 4 stroke, but I wasn't clear of why the Mitsu wouldn't work. I may have to make the 5 hour drive to OK City to see ........ but then again ......... gas is at 3.40 now & counting. One of my first jobs as a kid was pumping gas for $0.23 a gallon. But then again, wages were quite low as well. One of my main objectives was a way to get to the airport so I can spend $4.50 a gallon ($27 an hour) to fly my new creation. May have to just sell it & hybernate. Check it out:
  14. biplanemarv

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    EZ-3 Trike project

    Thanks to all of your input ........... Ok ....... I went nutz & ordered the EZ-3 trike from Staton with that expensive windscreen, and a 50 cc Honda 4 cycle engine that he will set up for 20 mph so I can hopefully climb hills.

    Will soon add:
    Lights - (2) Lightman Xenon Strobes on each side of the rear of seat bracket.
    (2) front Eagle Eye driving/fog lights
    (1) 7 A sealed lead acid battery (on board)
    (1) Ooooogah horn (was going to put it in my biplane but will put it on the bike instead.)
    (2) Mirrycle plug in handle bar mirrors
    (2) Safety Flags that say "Thank you for not driving your SUV"
    May add a tub & shower later.

    If I enclose it, does it need a windshield wiper?
    So before I go crazy this winter. Do the attached drawings seem like a viable Velomobile project or not? Still working on an idea for the frame, but will probably use aluminum tubing for the vertical & possibly flat aluminum for the outer shell which would be made of 2 or 3 layers of 8-10 oz. fiberglass/epoxy. I think it can be made under 14 lbs but may be 10 lbs. off. It would have a 24" piano hinge on the right side, from the rear axle forward so that the upper shell can be rotated for entry & exit. The area behind the seat would be for groceries, tools, etc. Thin Lexan for the windshields but may use Vivak instead if it can withstand the sun.

    Feel free to make change or abandon comments but really would like some knowledgable input on everything as I am totally new to this stuff.

    In case you can't see the dimensions, it would be 93 1/2" long x 27" wide x 60" tall. Wheelbase is 56 1/2", 16" front tire, 20" rear. The dark line on the side view would be the clam shell opening point. My 3 dimensional drawing sucks but you get the idea.

    Sure glad I found this forum so I can drive everyone bananas ......... Marv

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  15. Woah. That's the Bat Bike. :grin:
  16. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    It looks pretty good. Have you looked at many of the HPV sites out there? Good source for construction tips. If you are going to ride in the rain, I think you will want a wiper. Mine is not fully enclosed, so I can peek around the windshield.
  17. biplanemarv

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    Yoh .... large Philipino & Alaskavan ....... It reminds me a little of the first Honda car. Basically a big pimple with wheels & character. Alaskavan I don't know what HPV stands for....... uuuuum maybe Human Powered Vehicle? No I haven't, but have checked on a few Velomobile sites. Not sure they would approve of an engine but who cares? I will have to do some engine venting to direct some air around the cylinders as well as for fume removal if I totally enclose it. Today's concern is simply if this seems like a viable deal or not. Might be able to squeek a couple more months of riding as the weather gets colder (& rainy days) so today it is just a brain bubble ............
  18. Alaskavan

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    If the Human Powered Vehicle people don't like it, don't let them ride it.:smile:
    Taking some time before you start making changes, should give you a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the bike, and should result in a better finished product. I am assuming from looking at your plane, that you are familiar with building molds and doing fiberglass work.
  19. biplanemarv

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    Yes I can do fiberglass work OK, but in the back of my mind I am thinking maybe creating the entire shell out of Vivak but have never worked with that & in fact didn't even know it existed until a few days ago. Do you or anyone else have any thoughts on that idea? My original thought was to do the shell out of spruce stringers with a light weight, heat shrinkable dacron covering similar to aircraft which could be lighter than fiberglassing. The question about windshield wipers was mostly a legal question rather than a visability one. So on that I was thinking about the old manual automotive ones that you just worked with your hand.
    I believe I will get the bike by the 15th so should know a lot more about it by the 30th.

    Thanks for your input ............. Marv
  20. Alaskavan

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    I'm afraid I don't know anything about Vivek. If you need a manual windshield wiper, ypu can probably get one from a good boat shop.