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    Just found the forum today and I must say I love it!! I'm from Birmingham, Alabama and just recently purchased my first motored bike; and I must say it is a big pile of ****!! But I got it for an amazing deal. $80 BUCKS!! and IT RUNS!! Anyways glad to be here and if anyone is from anywhere around Birmingham and would like to team up on a custom frame build or just want to turn some wrenches, give me a shout!!


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    Howdy Smoke, welcome to MBc.
    $80, a great deal if it runs, even if it is a big pile of ****.
    A little tinkering will soon improve it. There's plenty of info here.
    What needs improving?

    There are plenty of members from Alabama, but I'm not sure where Birmingham is in the scheme of things. (Not familiar with US geography.) Someone will probably pipe up.
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