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    Hey all im eric gonna be on here a lot. Actually found about motor biking cause i lost my license and im here in new orleans and we dont have many problems here with police on them. I ran all over the city trying to find out info about the things and nobody new so with your help and info all i built my first bike and have built two more since. They are great im on a schwinn beach cruiser and get about 125 mpg and 30 out it stock.

    Few minor problems maybe u all have ideas. The chain tensoiner on my kit blows so i hooked it up to a spring so it would automatically adj itself works great doesnt look to hot lol.
    Then does anyone know of a rim you can get so the sprocket will pull from the hub and not from the spokes bike has a lot of tourque and puts a lot of strain on wheels. Many people have asked me to help them get into this but want to work these few problems out first love bike cant waite to talk more to you guys. will post pictures soon

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    Welcome to the forum. You can get a disc brake rear wheel. There are vendors that make sprockets to bolt to the six bolt disc mount.
    Some vendors also sell a clam shell sprocket mount. The clamshell bolts to your hub, rather than the spokes.
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    Thanks bud ill look into those suggestions gonna rip down bike this wek been riding it for 2 months time to readjust it all