Newbie 1st build complete**pics**

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    So, My Sky Hawk 80/66cc came in Friday that I order from BikeBerry, nice looking kit, fast delivery, no complaints. Instructions were so-so for someone with no experience, but I did plenty of reading here to get me through the tough areas. Got this Mongoose Revolution off craigslist for $100, seems to fit the bill just fine, my only complaint is that the seat height cannot be lowered any because of the built in seat post shock, no biggie.

    The build started it out pretty easy, the rear drive sprocket was practically the same diameter of the rear hub, so truing that up was a cinch, mounting the enginewas a different story, I really scratched up my frame putting it in, and it took me awhile to figure out the best way to mount it, ended up going with the front extension metal plate that uses the U-bolts. seems to work OK.

    After the engine was mounted it was smooth sailing. Well, til my first ride, it kept throwing the chain, After spending forever messing with the tensioner, it ended up being the rear sprocket just needed to be flipped to the dish out side. Works great now, I road it for about 2-3 hours today breaking it in. Good times!

    Few questions for you pro's,

    - Should I be able to get it to Idle with this rich oil mixture whilst breaking it in?
    - I used a synthetic blend mix for my break in 1st tank, will this hurt it?
    - How the heck do you guys conceal all the wires going all over heck? I zip tied them all the best I could but it still looks like a knotted up ball of yarn!:grin5:


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  2. Very nice looking bike. You can purchase inexpensive flexible black plastic corrugated wire conduit at most home improvement centers. It is split lengthwise so you can slip the wires in and use ties to fasten it to your frame. Another alternative is to drill holes in the frame and run them internally. I don't like to drill holes in the frame as it weakens it.
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    It should idle reasonably from new,but better when broken-in(200mls)...just make sure your mixture needle is set correctly.
    Synthetic/non-synthetic.Don't let the pros & cons about what to use bother ya too much...the main thing is very the revs & don't go silly fast straight away.
    Wiring is best concealed by buying the type of plastic tubing that srinks to half it's original size when heat(hairdryer/heatgun) is applied,OR just normal cannibalized electrical tubing & a few zip ties.
    Can't see the seat bracket properly but see if this helps with height:
    Good job of the bike BTW,well done.
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    Just a thought.

    The bottom hole is where the bottom screw is for the bottle. I took a length of stainless wire that I have, doubled it over with a small loop at the end. Fished the loop through the top hole and fished the loop out of the bottom. Connected (cut terminals off of coil and extended by soldering) wires by soldering and heat shrink. Now if I can get my Son to let it sit so the sealer will set up, I'll seal both holes. Next one I'm going to do, I'll connect the longer wires directly to the coil.

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    Aluminum frame bike, I've seen them break....
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    WOW that's freaking me out I have that exact same bike. Ive never had a problem with it but I had the back wheel rebuilt when I first motorized it.
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    In the past I've had aluminium crack, so learn how to weld.