newbie alignmet issues ended up breaking spoke

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    Can any one recommend how to fix alignment issues. The chain keeps going in to the spokes and finally broke spoke. Have used tension wheel, it would work fine when riding without power, but when I put let the clutch go the chain would immediately start going to inside to spokes. Need Help!!!!

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    the same thing happened to me. i just replace the tensoner with stuff from home depot. you need a long strip of metal and some u bolts. its simple. just use the old roller.

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    Assuming you have the back sprocket assimbled correctly... I would invest in some axle tugs (AKA chain tensioners). They hold onto your axle and to the frame. You can fine tune your back wheel for tension and allignment, then tighten down your axle nuts. After that the wheel won't move under stress.
    A cheeper way out is going to the hardware store and getting some plummbers bolts, they are brass and have a rounded off head that should fit nicely on the inside of the frame. Just put them in front of your axle bolts once aligned. You can shorten them with a hacksaw.
    I would go with the axle tugs if possible. You will probably have to order them. They are made for single speed track bikes and BMX racing. They also make quite a few different ones, so look at your frame and figure out what will fit best with your setup.
    You will have to shorten your chain to fit correctly on your bike, a good chain breaker is needed for this. It's something everybody should own, if your into bikes.

    Here are some examples.

    I don't use the drive chain tensioner that came with the bike. I just use axle tugs and a good chain. Works for me. I just took it out for a 25 mile ride the other day and it worked great. I'm going on a 120 mile trip next week. Gonna ride my bike to 'Bike Week' in Laconia NH. It's a week long motorcycle fest. It's gonna be an adventure :)
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    Hey robotman,
    This is a very common problem and I've posted my solution for it 3 or 4 times.
    The kit factory tell's you it will fit MOST bikes, of course that means it will not fit SOME bikes. This includes the tensioner. Some bikes have a thinner lower rear frame and the thing will just not ever get tight enough. The curved parts are too large to clamp on it. I've tried rubber, that was a joke. I've tried metal shims, just more places for it to slip on. tone2crazy's idea will work but if you've got a custom bike it kinda throw's off the look of the bike.
    MY SOLUTION is to throw the smaller curved piece in your junk box, take a flat peice of good steel, cut it to size, drill your 2 or 4 holes, which ever one you have, and bolt it TIGHT to the tensioner. I've been building for a while and have done this to 10 or 12 bikes and it is the best way I've found so far.
    The factory's will NEVER fix this problem as long as we keep buying chinese engines and they keep making a profit. THEY don't have a problem.
    Hope this helps, Happy riding.
    Big Red.
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    thanks I will try that but first have to fix the wheel. Any suggestion for change the tensioner wheel. it seems flimsy.
  6. Big Red

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    Tensioner wheel

    I hate this guy becouse he quit shipping engines to california, BUT, boygofast has a BEARING PULLY w/NUT & BOLT. It's the one I use, It comes with the bolt & nut and some of them dont.
    Also, have you checked out the new style SPROCKET chain tensioner. I aint used one yet but I aint heard anything bad about it either. I mostly use sleaze-bay becouse it's easy, usually cheaper and my accounts are already all set up, but I'm sure other people carry the same stuff.
    And if you're using the long two bolt tensioner, switch to the short four hole tensioner. It's just stronger.
    Glad to see you're really using this site. I've got some 40 builds behind me and I'm still learning from these guys & gals.
    Big Red.