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    ok i bought the motor from kingsbike put the thing together last oct and now just trying too get it running. i looked on here too try too find my problem, and tried alot of things when its running. it wont run with the muffler on boggs down sounds like too much back pressure take the muffler off and it runs but wont idle.

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    Try to start the engine with the choke on a few times. If no start, turn the choke off and hold the throttle open a bit while trying to start.
    Holding the throttle open clears the flooding.
    Try half choke and repeat.
    Try that a few times and we'll move on to something else if it doesn't help.
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    Glad to have you here. Lots of good 2 stroke builders here. I'm sure they'll be able to help you.
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    I am trying to be condescending, but you should provide more information on what you've done to try and get the engine started. With the Internet, I have no idea of what your mechanical abilities are or your experience from past posts.

    I assume it's a new kit. I assume that it was never running correctly. I assume that you put fresh fuel in the gas tank. I also assume that the engine/bike didn't get rained or snowed on while in storage. I assume you flushed the gas tank before installing the kit. I assume that you are running a fuel filter between the fuel tank and engine. I assume that the muffler isn't plugged with any manufacturing debris - quality control isn't a first priority with these manufactures.

    Disconnect the kill switch. Try starting it. Check the ground wire solder connection on the magneto coil. I may look fine, but may have a cold solder joint. The spark maybe weak under compression and that's why it runs when you remove the muffler. Here's how to check the Ohms readings: Mystery.html

    Check to make sure your carburetor jet isn't plugged and the float is set correctly. Also check to may sure the choke isn't stuck.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
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