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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AF_Clay, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. AF_Clay

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    I'm in the AF and my name is Clay. Thus the user name. None of my comments should be taken to represent the AF in any way, however!

    I have always loved bikes and always had bikes, and now I'm in my mid-30s, not in as great a shape as I would like, and looking to take family bike trips with trailers, etc, and to making my commute cheaper and more fun. I tried biking without a motor, but the hills I have to deal with are just too steep. I do want to ride; I don't want to be wasted tired and sweaty when I arrive, especially at the beginning of the work day.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello Clay, welcome to MBc. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  3. BAM

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    Hey Clay well your in the right place. I lurked around here before buying a kit and Iam glad. I did learned a lot had mine for three years now not the easyest things to put on a bike but if you need help this is the place good luck!
  4. schulze 123

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    Hi Clay,
    Welcome to the group. Choosing the right conversion kit can be a bit of a challenge but there is a weath of information here to help you make the best choice. I have done both in frame and friction drive to the rear wheel. The friction drive in my opinion was by far the easier option to fit and is very user friendly to operate but it was more expensive.

    Cheers BJ
  5. q999

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    welcome clay...where are you from?

    welcome clay ...please check your state laws concerning children on motorized bikes and make sure your not braking any...

    motorized bikes are great , have fun good luck...
  6. Virginian

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    Hi Clay,

    I am also a life-long biking enthusiast. I still ride a pedal bike at 68 years old, but I love my motorized bike!

    Yesterday I pedaled 32 hilly miles with friends and I was really tired at the end of the ride. Average rolling speed was 13 mph, and elapsed time was 3 hours including a rest stop.

    Today I motorbiked 40 miles to have lunch with a friend. It was easy and totally fun. The bike cruises easily at 30+ mph and keeps up with traffic.

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