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    Hi all,

    My name is Pete. I've been hanging around these forums lately and recently decided to register an account. I tried to join up a week or so ago but couldn't get a post anywhere, even in the intro section! Perhaps because I stated that I was 15 yrs old... So here I am with a different name and now 100 years old :p (Hope that's all cool with the moderators)

    From the Capital of aus, Canberra. I have recently bought a dirt bike so I'm low on the funds, but the weekends are not enough so I would like to build the perfect cruise bike to pedal out to a rural road and fire up at least 50cc's of 4 stroke power and ride! I wish I had money straight away... oh well, time to get a job I guess! :)

    I share the same hobby as all of you, after looking into motorized bikes I have found that its a lot more than you see on the outside. I would like to seek help here to build the best bike possible whilst on a budget. Maybe some Aussie friends in here could help, for eg, pointing me along to where they bought their jackshaft kit, etc... We'll see!

    Anyways, pleased to be here and looking forward to speaking to you lot. ;)

  2. Anton

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    Hey welcome here, you have to activate an email link before you can post. Looks like it's working for you now though. I think you have to get a jackshaft kit from overseas. Try sick bike parts. Good luck with your build, 4 Stroke would be really nice.
  3. powerstroke

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    Thanks mate, so SBP ship their products to Australia though?
  4. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Yes looks like they do.
  5. Fabian

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    SickBikeParts do ship their product to Australia. I live in Victoria and have had 4 shift kits shipped out to my location.

    I have shift kits attached to a couple of different engines with different configurations, so swapping out engines for testing purposes is a quick and simple affair.
  6. powerstroke

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    Thanks guys, lately I have actually been looking into a belt drive system instead. Are there any kits for these? Where would you recommend starting?