Newbie from California's east coast.

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  1. Hello everone!
    I'm Jim Vikse, the Og-Whizzerdude.
    I live in Blythe, CA. I have two Whizzers and a China girl on an '84 Schwinn.
    Hope I'm posting this in the right area. I'm a little confussed. I'm trying to introduce myself?
    Thanks, Jim

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    Hey Jim
    Welcome to the original Motored Bike forum.
    We gotta get you out to one of the races, how about Oct 20th 2012? :devilish:
  3. October 20th seems like enough time to get it all together for the race. I’m slow at it because I don’t have a welder and have to depend on a friend to get it done in his spare time. My fork has been next to my front door for a month now. I’m waiting for a chance to get it to him. It’s a long story.
    I have one of the original crossbow monarch forks that is not safe the way it was welded from their factory. The guy that put my fork and wheel together had to splay the fork to make the Phil Wood hub, disc brake and custom made links from Phil Wood fit so I don’t really want to buy one of the new type II forks they sell. It would probably have to be splayed also. I did get the new heavy springs from crossbow so I should get a better ride out of it. I really want to get it back on the bike to see how it is going to work. It looks much better with the triple chrome plated fat springs. My little chrome crown cap was missing so I got a new one of those. It should cover up all the welding that needs to be done.
    A few years ago I did what I think of as biker build off on it to get ready for the Delta Whizz-in up north. I put a lot of hours in on it but I basically through the thing together. I got stuck on the wiring for awhile. The bike has all the required electrics on it for the street. The Whizz-in was a shakedown cruise (literally). I didn’t use any lock tight on anything and the bike started falling apart. If it wasn’t for Mike Simpson and his zip ties I would have lost a lot of parts. The center stand came off and hit the rider behind me in the shoulder and then fell down and chipped his nice paint job. I felt like a worm after that. I certainly don’t want stuff like that happening on a race track.