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    Just stumbled into this website a couple of days ago...>WOW!!! I've been planning on building an HPV tadpole trike for some time now and have been gathering up the bits and pieces and equipment and tools. I had thought "Hey, a small motor on this thing would be really cool!!" Never thought that folks were already actually doing it. Just too coooooool!

    So I hope to learn a lot here and perhaps if I'm lucky I'll be able to help others in the process. :bowdown: Thanks!!


    Sorry for the second post - didn't think the first "hello" got posted....dang computers!!
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    Hey Welcome,
    I'm over here in Greeley. I'm going to be taking a ride to Estes Park soon. Were practically neighbors?
    You can check out my ride in my profile. Lets see some pictures of what you have allready.
    See Ya Later!
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    I'm down near the reservoir in the Pueblo area, that's a bit of a ride from you. As for what I have, It's mostly parts, bits and pieces at the moment, but as soon as I get something put together I'll post it here.