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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Redback, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Redback

    Redback New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Just found this after a bit of a search about Motorised Pushies.

    I am from Darwin and have a Zbox 47cc Motor on my bike.

    I have had it for a few years now (and love riding it) - with no trouble - but you have got to keep going over all the nuts and bolts to keep them tight.

    Top speed so far - 56.2Kph - Scary.

    Had a rear puncture (stem failure) yesterday at 40kph and nearly hit the pavement. I do wear helmet and leather fingerless gloves to dull the pain ;)


  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard, Neil.

    Looks like you were a veteran MB'er even before you found this site. You "sound" just like the rest of us.
  3. welcome neil :helmet:
  4. Redback

    Redback New Member

    Cheers guys,

    I always ride it with a huge smile on my face :]