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    Greeting from Daytona! My name is Zack im 19 I ride a 2006 Suzuki SV650S but 55MPG still hurts my pockets so i came here to get some ideas for building my own 80cc Bike! First question are these 80cc 150 dollar ebay kits anygood? Second I plan on purchasing a "Beach Cruiser" style bike to mate with an engine kit how simple is the install/how long does one take??? Any ideas on MPG or MPH? Thanks for ANY HELP in advance! ~Zack~

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    Welcome aboard, Zack! Good to have you aboard.

    Ask away with your questions, in the appropriate forum.

    Now, the first place to get started is with the 'Read This First' post at the top of the 'Introduce Yourself' forum

    And, a good post to get grounded with motorized bikes,and which may help answer some of your questions, is with sparky's crash course

    Finally, be sure to use the SEARCH functions here at the site. The odds are, your question, or a very similar one, has been asked before. If the simple (but basic) search function is returning too many results, refer to the advanced search thread.
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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!