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    hello last i am part of this great ride is a giant hybrid with a grubee skyhawk 66cc engine. i like making it go i ported & polished the barrel, machined the barrel top .040".machined the head to get a .125" squish band & 8.4cc,ceramic coated the combustion chamber & piston crown,DFL coated the piston skirt,dowelled the head to the jug,put it back together & started running it in. so far it feels "strong".I already have a pz 19 carby,custom intake manifold & a modified standard exhaust.tomorrow i will be modifying & fitting a expansion chamber.will post pictures when i work out how to.

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    oh i run a 50cc rse chainless hp1 with billet head ,clutch an inlet
    as for ur pics use ur cam an u see the paperclip thats where u get ur pics .
    ohh im in syd ..

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