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    Fuel prices are far too high! and our needs are much less than they have been in the past. We have 3 sons I've been able to keep interested in bikes over the years, and now I shall take a step into MB's.

    The daily commute is an 8mile radius, and distant needs are no more than 15 miles, one way.

    I'm presently reviewing the GHX vs R/S 35's debate and leaning towards red.
    Need to review the debates on drive systems.
    My carcass could probably well use the GXH50 !

    I have a string trimmer/friction drive project underway, and am also working on fabricating a recumbent bike project. (I'm thinking a 'toureasy' styled bent could afford plenty of room for motor assist... any thoughts?)

    Local commuting is most likely the extent of our travels, yet I'd really enjoy an extended trip out of state some time in the future.

    Pls, any suggestions would be well considered !

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    welcome both to the site and to the world of mbs as a primary form of transportation--made the switch myself not to long ago