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  1. jerms

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    Hey there, been lurking for awhile, figured i'd sign up for an account and join the community. I recently just ordered my 66cc engine from eBay vendor "boygofast".

    Hopefully I'll get a relatively decent kit, i've heard a lot people have problems with this vendor about quality control and customer service but with these chinese engines I'm sure that it really can't be completely avoided. Plus it seems they've actually got somebody who speaks English this time around to communicate with customers (emails aren't in broken English anymore).

    That being said, he shipped the day i purchased the order and it's already in transit. I'm impressed by the quick shipping, but I'm definitely going to inspect the living **** out of everything he sends me.

    Hopefully all arrives a-OK. I'm still putting around town with my mtb, but I'm definitely excited about motorizing it. My ultimate goal is to make a bobber with drag bars. Long, lean and low, but one step at a time now i guess :cool:

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    The first one will make you or break you....but if you've done the homework, it can also be the first of many, building for your friends and constantly moving up the MB.ladder on bike models and engines.
  3. Welcome to the forum.
  4. jerms

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    Well the kit came in today, i got to say i'm impressed. I haven't gotten a chance to fire up the engine so i might be speaking too soon but he sent me everything i needed (and in one piece lol) and a bunch of spare parts to boot (duplicates in case the junk breaks down lol?)

    I pretty much have the bike completely built but didn't want to fire it up cause its been raining like mad down here, go figure lol, the rainstorm comes the day the kit arrives. That plus the chain is too long. I must've visted 4 bike stores and all got the same answer "that chain is too big you're going to have to goto the motorcycle dealership" which was, of course, closed.

    i think i'll be putting off the finishing touches though, i'm gonna check out some walmart bikes this saturday. If i see something worth building on i'm going to transfer all my parts (hopefully with nothing breaking) and order some better mounts/a chain breaker.

    any suggestions/tips? anything would definitely be mucho appreciated :detective:
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    Welcome from Tampa Bay Florida....this is a great hobby and the best place to learn about it
  6. jerms

    jerms New Member

    just bought a roller chain breaker #35-#60 (#41 being the sweet spot i believe?)

    lets hope it works ;]
  7. jerms

    jerms New Member

    well chain breaker came in, cut it down to size, fitted it and it seats perfectly.

    i am having a bit of a problem though, i can get the bike going and when i release the clutch it just sort of sputters instead of staying alive...i've tried messing around with the carb pin, the choke lever, and also pressing the tickler button. still no luck though. any ideas?
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  8. jerms

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    thought it might be the spark plug, so i ran it outside of the engine while still connected and it shocked the **** outta me.

    I don't think the engine is flooding or anything like that. The spark plug is wet but not in bad condition. I even took a suggestion and poured a small amount of fuel mix into the plug hole.

    Still didn't turn.

    If i press the tickler for too long the carb leaks fuel so i know fuel flow isn't the problem.

    I'll try towing soon.

    Also, if i run the engine w/out the muffler it backfires but i feel the bike push me forward. That would mean the fuel is running too rich right? I adjusted the carb idle screw to see if it would help, still a no go.

    Running outta ideas here folks :whistling: