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    Hello to everyone in the forum. I'm very happy to have found this site and look forward to sharing ideas and pictures of each others very cool scooters. I'm an auto mechanic in the San Diego area, and very much enjoy fabricating and customizing my bike. it's a somewhat inexpensive hobby, not to mention the MPG's! I hope to meet up with local riders and get away on some weekend beach runs. I ride with respect for traffic laws and those who enforce it, all the while remembering this is just a bicycle and not gonna set any land speed records! I hope that with more and more people riding these things that we all keep a positive and respectful attitude so we don't draw negative attention to ourselves(like the gopeds did a few years back). I ride to work just about everyday, leaving the 454 suburban at home as much as possible. Good luck and good rides to all.

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    I like your outlook on our penchant for Motored Bikes...and don't forget Mototed Trikes. You will find a lot of talent they say, 'First you learn from us, then we learn from you'. Please look around, and be sure to contribute...Welcome.
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    Welcome to the Board

    Rx StoreKeeper
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    Right on guys thanx for the reply's. i've posted some pictures in the picture gallery if y'all want to check it out. 26in cruiser 68cc work in progress is the title. the brass tank is almost done, complete with leather straps and all. i appreciate all comments on the pics, tell me what ya think. i've seen some pretty killer custom builds from other members in that gallery. lots of one off ideas and way cool themes.